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What is B2B B2C C2B C2C O2O M2C I2C O2P

B2B (also known as BTB, Business to Business) is an marketing relationship between a enterprise and another enterprises, it closely link the company with customers so as to provide customers with better service through the rapid via B2B website response, thus contributing to promote business development. In recent years, B2B is still increasingly growing. More… Read More »

What is OEM and ODM and OBM

ODM, namely Original design manufacture,which means that a vendor entrusted with design capability and technological level design and manufacture products based on another vendor’s specifications and requirements and authorization contract. OBM, namely Original Brand Manufacturer,which refers to those specifically accept other enterprises’ OEM production requirements instead of creating their own brand. OEM production, namely Original… Read More »

How to shop on black Friday

Here oun-mall are glad to share some tips on how to get the bargains and others you are eager to shop as much as possible on black Friday, I wish you grab whatever cheap pocketed. (1) Plan ahead, make sure where the most convenient path to the mall or store is and when the promotional… Read More »

How to identify a regular sales-oriented website

Today onu-mall would like to share some useful tips on how to identity a regular sales-oriented web 1.Make sure there are online live chat customer service and the sales representative’s mailbox is professional email related to company instead of yahoo, gmail,hotmail etc ; 2. Make sure the shipping price is calculated by customer sales representative… Read More »