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Hoverboard must be this year’s hottest outdoor sports

The hoverboard or two wheeled self balancing scooter must be the hottest outdoor sports this year,unfortunately,It is no exaggeration to say that where there is hoverboard,there is explosion, that’s why the shoddy hoverboard is successively banned by the countries especially UK and Amazon shop online! onu-mall has explained why the exlosion and damage to the hoverboard… Read More »

What are the top ten brand self balance scooter enterprise

     SOLOWHEEL Founded in the United States, the world’s pioneer in wearable travel and equipment industry , well-known self-balancing electric unicycle hoverboard industry brand Ninebot A personal transporter for short-haul intelligence industry-leading brand of China mainland, one of the larger providers of China’s self balancing scooter Segway Headquartered in the US,  well-known global leader… Read More »

What are the self balancing scooter composed by

(1) Controller The controller is the core technology of two-wheeled self balance scooter, which depends how the self balance scooter. The controller includes a vehicle status and balance control arithmetic operation. How to judge the operational state is based on integration of each sensor data to obtain the value of the vehicle body inclination angle,… Read More »