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How to find your favorable selfie stick

Selfie stick is more and more popular, there are tons of selfie stick flooding on the market priced at various dollars,definitely, it is not easy to pick a really quality selfie stick.However, You can be easily find what you want just following what i said. There are currently three kinds of selfie stick on the… Read More »

What is selfie stick and selfie shoes

The selfie stick is a stick which can be arbitrarily stretch between the 20 cm to 120 cm, just fixing the phone on the rod and connecting your cellular phone and remote control via Bluetooth,or simply inserting the wire into the headphone jack,you can take the picture and enjoy the self-time everywhere,you would never be… Read More »

How to use the selfie stick to take picture

What’re currently the most popular phone accessories? Definitely, mobile phones cases,some may disagree and switch to selfie stick. Without a doubt,selfie stick allows us to enjoy the shooting everywhere and do not beg others to help us take pictures any more,that’s why it is so popular.Accordingly,there are kinds of selfie sticks available flooding on the… Read More »