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How many kinds of charger are on the market

Charger are currently mainly divided into mobile phone charger and travel charger, dock charger, car charger available on the market,the differences in performance indicators depends on where and how to use.

Docking charger. such chargers are generally designed to be dual-slot, which can charge two batteries, in addition to allowing users to charge the battery on the phone being used, but charge another. However, the charging time of a docking charger mostly with slow charge mode is longer, about 4 to 5 hours.


Travel Charger. The standard configuration of most mobile phone is travel charger. Travel charger and seat charger for charging a battery effect is the same,which is easy to carry and more appropriate for those who frequently travel abroad , it is generally fast charge mode, charging time is 2 to 3 hours. Travel charger dose not make any adverse effects on the mobile phone, but the user must confirm that it is the original charger when purchasing.


Car Charger. Such charger can easily charge the phone in the car. One end of the car charger is plug into the cigarette lighter, and the other end is connected to the phone, the phone should not be charged in the car for a long time because of the car closed with a high temperature, otherwise it will cause damage to the phone.


The original travel charger and seat charger adopt protect circuits or switch road design for the protective effect for rechargeable battery, while fake and shoddy charger without protected circuit is easy to burned or even burn the phone, choose the original travel charger and away from knock-off.

“Auto resolution lithium or NiMH batteries”is a apparent key to identity a charger,which can automatically distinguish two different battery charger in case of “the discharge of lithium malfunction”.If you accidentally press the “release pushbutton” on dock charger when charging lithium batteries, a good charger can identify lithium battery, it will not make a discharge operation; poor cradle will result in the impairment of lithium battery life. A good charger with protection settings and charging voltage standard does not overshoot or be unsaturated.

How to discern a charger

How to discern a charger depends on how its work performance, safety requirements and electromagnetic compatibility is.

Car-Charger (2)      Car-Charger (3)

Different types of batteries have different charging requirements, the parameters of a charger are mainly charging method, charge current, charge voltage.

(1) Charging method: how to charge is based on the constant voltage or constant current. Given the current lithium-ion battery, charger charging current with limiting constant voltage mode shall be adopted, that is, charging at constant voltage automatically converted when the charging at limited current to the limited voltage.

(2) Charging current: specifies the maximum output current of the charger. The size of the charging current shall be applied to the size of the battery capacity, generally should not exceed 1C5A.

(3) charging voltage: specifies the maximum output voltage of charger.The charging voltage is depends on limit voltage of battery charged; when charging the lithium-ion battery with nominal voltage of 3.6V, the maximum output voltage of charger required is typically 4.2V (in fact, the phone is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with protection device, so the charger output voltage can also be slightly higher than 4.2V, but the voltage is not more than 4.5V in order to ensure safety).

2. Safety requirements

Popular terms is to ask the circuit structure, mechanical structure and electrical properties of the product shall comply with certain safety requirements, regardless of the product in a normal or abnormal operating state (such as output overload or short circuit, the internal component failure or circuit failure, etc.) work state, must not endanger the safety of persons and property. To achieve this purpose, the charger product safety requirements (such as electric shock protection performance, insulation performance, temperature, etc.) shall comply with the requirements of China mainland’s compulsory standards as specified in GB4943-2001.

3, electromagnetic compatibility

For chargers products, the electromagnetic compatibility requirements mainly reflects in electromagnetic harassment. Electromagnetic disturbance is divided into conduction harassment and radiation harassment. the many advantages of switching power supply contribute to the switching power supply circuit for universal charger. But the switching power supply of high-frequency switching devices produces high-frequency harmonic signals. These high frequency signals propagate through the power terminal via the grid or via space radiation result in the electromagnetic pollution to the environment, troubling the work around electronic devices,even may cause serious adverse effects on human health and the safe operation of the grid. Therefore, in order to reduce the electromagnetic pollution to the environment, the power terminal (or interface terminal) disturbance voltage for the electronic products working and radiation disturbance field strengths shall be less than a certain limit. For mobile phone battery charger,the disturbance voltage and disturbance field strength must comply with the requirements of the China mainland’s mandatory standards GB9254-1998 Class B limits.

How to properly use the phone charger

We shall keep safe using home appliances no matter what kind of we have bought, not to mention the phone,we must abandon some of habits without the security use of mobile phone especially when the phone is charged. How to properly use the phone charger is the key to safe use of the mobile phones,if we do not pay attention to, we would not only get an electric shock, but may occur an explosion.


1. Do not expose the phone charger at a high temperature, during the summer with hot and humid climate and electricity peak, the phone charger is poor at heat dissipation,plus the unstable current, increasing the likelihood of conduct problems, especially for the phone with the metal body. Those with sweating palms and others with damp hair after taking a bath will likely be subjected to electric shocks. Moreover, do not cover the cell phone with blanket or pillow to avoid the battery temperature is relatively high, and thus the occurrence of breakdown, combustion, explosions and other tragedies while charging the phone.
Wireless-Charger (2)

2.Do not use the phone while charging. We are increasingly dependent on the smartphone, and like using a cell phone while charging, the phone is charging, it is not wise to pick up the smartphone when charging. The charger transformer parts is likely to be breakdown if the charger with poor quality. Furthermore, the phone with low battery will produce more radiation harmful to human health.
3. Promptly unplug the charger when is fully charged. Many are accustomed to connecting the phone to the charger all day long for convenience. However, such an approach would lead to some security risks, the coil of the charger plugged may cause fever, insulating paint loss and damage, and even cause a fire due to heat. Therefore, unplug the charger to timely prevent fire at the rear end of charge or out of the room for a long time.

4. Mobile phone charger, battery has a certain service lifespan, replace the phone charging immediately when damaged.

How to choose quality batteries pack

Unlike the general goods, we can not make intuitive evaluation of how is the batteries pack. So many of us have no idea about how to buy high-quality batteries. Next, Onu Mall will share you tips on how to choose the quality cell phone batteries pack.

Samsung Battery and Samsung Back Cover

1, buy  brand cell, away from the knock-off

2. select the batteries pack whose nominal voltage is consistent with the voltage of the phone, make sure that the cell is completely sealed.

3, obtain documents relating to kinds of cells sampled by the technical quality supervision departments from the dealer, from which you can visually see kinds of indicators including battery capacity, etc.

4, pay attention to save the cell warranty card, under normal circumstances, the mobile phone cell pack has warranty period during at least half a year for free replacement.

How to choose original cell phone batteries

A high quality mobile phone batteries can not only keep the phone’s normal operation, but reduce radiation damage to the body.Definitely, the original battery is the best, but not all of the phones are equipped with the original batteries especially for cottage version of mobile phones, Onu Mall specializing in sale of cell phone batteries for more than 5 years would like to share you how to choose the genuine mobile phone batteries for your reference:

Samsung battery

1, the cell phone batteries label uses the second printing technology, the color of the bar code portion is significantly darker than the other parts, and slightly convex over other portions, Motorola original batteries have this species characteristics.

2, scratching with a metal,the scratches left on the white place on the cell phone batteries label is similar to those scratched by a pencil.

3, the cell phone batteries shell is made of special material, which is very strong, difficult to damage.

4, Battery with neat appearance, no extra burr, the outer surface has some roughness and feel comfortable, inner surface feel smooth with fine vertical scratches.

5, the width of battery electrode is the same as the cell phone battery slice,”+”, “-” is marked below the corresponding position of battery electrodes,the insulating material between the battery charging electrodes is the same as that of the shell, but not one.

6,  phone packed with the cell phone batteries should feel comfortable and ease.

7, the the cell phone batteries is firmly locked on the back case of the cell phone.

8, the battery label is written clearly, there are corresponding battery part numbers as the battery type .

9, the battery manufacturer and the anti-counterfeiting marks shall be clearly marked, looking like three-dimensional.

10, “sawtooth” glitch on the font edge of the battery label , particularly suitable for Ericsson Series battery.

How to choose cell phone battery

Along with the phone is increasingly popular, the power consumption is growing, the cell phone battery is also limited by life and number of charge cycles, when the phone suddenly shut down automatically and you have to recharge a battery less than four hours,it is time to change a cell phone battery, and we are always picking a cell phone battery with high capacity, but there is a misunderstanding. How many the battery capacity is depends on how large the batteries electric core is, and the batteries manufacturing technology have not been able to upgrade batteries capacity essentially. Take the phone’s original battery as standard, corresponding upward margin of battery capacity of high-capacity commercial battery is typically 10% -20%, and if the battery nominal capacity is too large than the original battery capacity, which belong to a virtual standard battery. As the original battery capacity is 1200mAh, if nominal affirmation of battery is 2000mAh,that’s vacuity.

sony batteries

Besides the brand, you shall pay attention to the following points when choosing mobile phone battery:

1.When the battery is put into the phone, turn on the cell phone, it should not shut down when shaking.
2.Battery plastic shell should be clean and free of scratches and stains. Otherwise,it would be a second-hand or used mobile phone batteries.
3.There is not rust or plating layer off on battery contacts.
4.The battery should be able to boot on the phone and on the charger, discharge is normal.
5.models and battery capacity etc. should be clearly marked on the cell phone batteries .
6.Choose reputable vendors, and there is a clear commitment to service.
Choose original battery ensure the same effect as the original machine battery , the price is generally a bit expensive.
7.Carefully identify anti-counterfeit labels in case of buying counterfeit products.
8.Away from too cheap battery.

How to pay less but buy a quality mobile phone case

There are tons of phone cases on the market, which summed up are divided into categories, hard plastic phone case and soft silicone phone case with a variety of styles and models we can choose according to preferences, then how to identify which one is better?We take the iPhone case for example.iPhone cases are most popular with major mobile phone accessories manufacturers, there are piles of imitation on the market because of the disappointed genuine original price and mixed cases. Onu Mall dedicated to wholesaling  iPhone case would like to share with you for how to pay less but buy a quality iPhone case.


Like iPhone 6 case,iPhone 6 case are generally made of silicone, TPU, PC, ABS, leather, metal and so on. Silicone was more popular a few years ago, the shortcomings of silicone are flooding in recent years due to the development of more material and technology, for example, it is difficult to offer free breath to your cell phone, it is low-grade, modeling is also single. More phone protection case are switching to PC case and ABS case.

PC is Polycarbonate, which is a thermoplastic engineering plastics. PC material with good toughness and praised transparency is good at impacting resistance. The cell phone case generally with pattern on the PC or sprayed with rubber oil make phone protective cases looking more upscale and sophisticated, and very beautiful.

ABS is relatively bit hard, there are few cell phone case made from pure ABS material, weak in heat resistance and impact resistance, but good at fluidity, coloring and surface coating and plating performance. Now there is a new process called in-mold injection molding process, the basic material are currently ABS plastic, the material surface is PET,the advantage of which is that the case pattern is richer, and more refined than the transfer pattern.

Whether a product is good or bad not only depends on the material, but is inseparable from workmanship.

First of all, the positive,positive side and inner of the iPhone 6 case should be carefully observed, a lot of which focus on the positive side but inner is ignored, so there is a great difference in sophistication. Side parting directly determines the grade level, wiping the parting line with a fingernail , the smaller the  segment, the better.

Besides,slipping the holes around with your fingers along the outer edge, you can feel the smooth or not. Second, we must make sure how the glue is processed and the internal structure.

Above all, a good iPhone 6 case is sold at only tens of dollars, we just talked about some details, as to how to choose the material, or still depending on your personal preference.

How to pick up a right cell phone case

We are inevitably dropping off our mobile phones onto the ground, the phone would be easily scratched, so it is the time to pick up a cell phone case to protect your cell phone, definitely,there are some practical skills for how to pick up a right the cell phone case, Onu Mall involved in wholesaling cell Phone case for almost 5 years would like to share some tips.
1.Cooling performance

silicon cell phone case

For the silicon cell phone case, make sure that there are vents around the silicon case because it is not pretty timely to dissipate heat for silicone case in case of the the phone’s internal parts is burned.
2.Wavy edge
phone case with Wavy edge

You can hold more tightly when there is sweat or water on your hand especially in summer ,that’s why you’d better choose a with wavy edge
3 Flexible button hole
cell phone case with holes paring the cell phone

There are not obvious buttons button holes for piles of cell phone cases pairing the phone,so it is not convenient to use such phone cases, so be sure to the camera hole and volume keys hole and keyboard hole and mobile phone charging jack on the phone case is fully consistent with your cell phone before buying.
4.Away from TPU phone case
TPU cell phone case

Given the TPU case, it is easy to dirty and hard to clean despite it feels good. Personally,it is not a good choice.
5.Leather phone cover is favorable
leather mobile phone case

For those afraid of making your mobile phone dirty,we highly recommend choosing the leather cover. The leather case does not only protect your phone from oil stains and dust, but it plays a significant role in effective protection of the entire mobile phone as well as it is convenient to answer the phone.
6.DIY Diamond phone case
It is too expensive to buy a really pretty dazzling diamond phone case, actually many online stores are selling suite of tools for how to diy diamond phone case, you can DIY can saving a lot of expenses.
7.Choose projecting protective screen phone case
phone case at a few millimeters higher than the phone screen

Your cell phone with case would be easily broken if the screen fall to the ground, so make sure that the phone case is a few millimeters higher than the phone screen.
8.the case is consistent with mobile phone
phone case paring the phone

No matter what cell phone case you pick, be sure that the case is not too tight nor too loose when being putting on the phone case.

The screen protector does not affect iPhone 3D touch function

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be officially listed in China on September 25 2015, onu-mall has released the latest iPhone 6s case without listing the tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. Why?Because it is unclear that the new 3D Touch  is compatible with tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.

what Steve jobs said about stylus

Apple currently officially gave a formal response that the screen protector does not affect 3D Touch function, that’s most of the existing screen protector can be used on iPhone 6s. Specifically, those meeting the design requirements of Apple (supports capacitance, and not more than 0.3 mm thickness) are compatible with iPhone 6s. Apple Pencil has been formally launched according to Apple’s new conference held on September 17. Unexpected is that Apple Pencil has actually been ridiculed by many users – Apple founder Steve Jobs has explained that the pencil is none of the iPhone’s business. What’s wrong with Cook?
Majority of consumer do not know or ignore Jobs remark background despite Steve Jobs did say that the stylus is unwanted stuff. Apple Pencil is exclusively for 12.9-inch iPad Pro but the stylus critiqued by Jobs was not for 3.5-inch small-screen iPhone 4 , the screen size is nearly 3.7 times larger than the former. Meanwhile, when the iPhone 4 screen resolution is 320 × 480, while the iPad screen resolution is 2048 × 2732, touch accuracy is quite different.

In addition,Apple Pencil can do what fingers can’t do , that’s the difference between Apple Pencil and Samsung S Pen. Allegedly, Apple Pencil with built-in pressure sensors can draw or rough or fine lines according to the perceived strength the user presses on Apple Pencil tip. Meanwhile, the nib is equipped with two tilt angle sensor which is able to accurately calculate the direction and angle of inclination hand, like using the traditional pencil or charcoal, Apple Pencil inclined is capacity of drawing different shades with light and shade effects. As what Apple said, Apple Pencil is not used to click, but to create.
It is reported that most smart had used a small resistive dull screen before Apple’s iPhone launched on 2007, but easy to inadvertently finger, stylus really is helpless choice.

As what Steve Jobs said, the finger is the best tool for human being touching, just need capacitive screen technology that is associated with the screen, which has been already proved in the past few years. Steve Jobs believed that design is not only involved in the perception and touch, but also emphasize on how to use, perhaps that is why Jobs disgusted with stylus in 2007 but prefer to the Apple Pencil now!

What are the top cell phone case brand

Nowadays, mobile phones protective case have been enjoying a great popularity over the world, which are not only unique, creative, but can protect your phones. Like mobile power,the cimitations are flooding, not to mention the design and quality making your mobile phone unique. So, what are good cell phone protective cover brand? each brand has its unique design and product features, onu-mall selected ten representative phone case brand:

1.MOMAX Batteries &

MOMAX from Hong Kong is well-known professional manufacturer specializing in mobile phone peripheral products, the mainland brand agents is Shenzhen momax Company Limited. MOMAX brand, founded in 1999, mainly produced mobile phone accessories, such as batteries, headphones, line charge, charger, car charger, screen stickers, leather, crystal case, card reader, etc. Products with high quality as the core requirements and beautiful appearance, good usability, constant innovation breakthrough and have won an excellent reputation in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe .

2. Capdase
Hong Kong’s leading accessories brand, digital peripheral products professional firm, top ten protective case brand, the industry’s most influential brand. CAPDASE has been based on rich 3C peripheral products with its own unique creativity for consumers. Its products in appearance and workmanship are not only unanimously approved by the majority of consumers , but have unique performance in security and practical.


Shenzhen Cyangugu Mimi Industries Limited,the world’s leading manufacturer of digital accessories,China’s leading brand in the field of digital accessories, highly competitive market brand. The company has GGMM /ivso two independent brands, products include iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and other Apple products, accessories and other peripheral digital products.


US professional digital accessories brand, the famous digital protection products welcomed by the consumers, China Agent: Shenzhen Yuandongsheng Trading Limited. Acase’s mobile phone, tablet computer peripheral products in the European and American has been stepping to China, the product is still based on Europe and practical style. For Acase terms, 3A criterion is its eternal pursuit: A + design: A-level design, A + quality: A class quality, A + Service: A class service.


As Apple’s authorized third-party accessories brand, OZAKI has been enjoying worldwide marketing in more than 80 countries,it has been focused on accessories worldwide marketing of Apple’s iPad, iPhone, iPod over years to provide users with the best, making life wonderful and funny. By virtue of creative product design and excellent product quality, OZAKI has won the recognition of consumers, has awarded the best brand by Macworld iWorld Asia for three consecutive years.

6. Benks

Benks, founded in 2008, is a digital creative fashion accessories brand. Products include protective film, protective case, protective holster, mobile power supply and so on, convinced that ideas can change lives, and strive to provide users with high-quality digital accessories. Benks’s best-known product is tempered glass screen, but are also actively making efforts to research and develop the protective case.

A brand dedicated to film, among high-end products,Feelymos product line is very rich, involved from the protection class to the electronics, also introduced a variety of protective case and protective cover products in 2013, these protective cover are quite creative products, superior quality.


I control -ICON is a newbie in the accessories market, is the Shenzhen micro-Information Technology Co., Ltd. own brand, the flagship product are 3C digital accessories: mobile power, protective case, automotive power,based on security and belonging, and the pursuit of self-perfection.


BASEUS is a stylish, vibrant 3C digital accessories brand, is a part of a Hong Kong Limited based on free international metropolis- Hong Kong. Whether the product shape, color matching, function, or fine packaging are quite creative, charming design.

10. MOFI

Headquartered in Fuzhou Jinshan Industrial Zone in Fujian Province.The first protective sleeve case has been popular with the large number of mobile phones and mp3 owner.

Of course, there are some famous brand on the market including Moshi, Locke ROCK, X-Doria, the above-mentioned these ten brands are well-known phone protective case available on the market, they combined with quality, taste, personality, fashion, art are excellent brands of mobile phone accessories.