How many kinds of iphone 6 cases available on the market

By | September 1, 2015

There are tons of mobile phone cases including iphone 6 case flooding on the market,Onu-mall online store specially collate several common  mobile phone case available for your reference and choice.

Metal mobile phone cases including iPhone 6 case

mental iPhone 6 case

We inevitably accidentally drop the phone, resulting in varying degrees of injuries, the mobile phone protective shell with metal frame is very strong. You would not cause damage to the cell phone any more, even more the metal frame would be cracked if your cell phone accidentally fell to the ground.

Clamshell leather iPhone 6 case and other mobile phone cases


Phone protective flip cover looks ordinary, but comprehensively protect the phone, your cell phone all around is wrapped by the iPhone 6 cases and other mobile phone case, you no longer have to worry about the mobile phones wrestled, scratched.

Plastic hard mobile phone case


Colorful stitching mobile phone case particularly iPhone 6 case looks fashionable, it should be the style the young like, but the strength of the plastic material is not strong enough to protect the cell phone.

Crystal TPU mobile phone covers


Girls usually like this shiny diamond TPU mobile phone cover, it is very luxurious. But buying such a mobile phone cover, be sure to look carefully diamond quality and workmanship, it is very easy to drill off for the protective cover attached cheap diamond.

Cartoon silicone cell phone cover


Cartoon iPhone 6 case and cell phone case feels comfortable, which is adorable, you don’t worry about the protection function if your cell phone fall to the ground. But the capacity of heat dissipation is poor.

Embossed TPU cell phone protective cover


Embossed cell phone protective cover is exquisite and unique, there are a considerable cell phone protective covers and iPhone cases customizable for the pattern.

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