How to DIY apple watch charging stand

By | September 14, 2015

If you are looking for a charging stand for putting your Apple Watch and disgusted with expensive charging stand available on the market, now it is your best choice to DIY a Apple Watch charging stand. What we need to use as follows: 1.Apple Watch charger 2. a foam 3. a silk weaving 4.a Stapler 5. a tape

items for making apple watch charging stand

First of all, neatly trim the foam manicured, and then blank a circle to place Apple Watch charger, as shown below:

blank a circle on a foam manicured to place Apple Watch charger

Cover the sponge with silk weaving, and then tire it with a stapler or tape.

put the apple watch charger on a foam

Finally, well place the charge cable then fix it with tape, just put the charger on the circle, we can charge the Apple Watch as long as the plug in the power,wow,you’ve done!

Definitely ,It is much more economical, and interesting over those bought on the market. Just do it by yourself.

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