How to properly charge the battery

By | September 14, 2015

Majority of us do not know how to properly charge the phone despite the cell phone is increasingly popular, many are mistakenly believe that there is none of trick as long as it is fully charged or as charged for the use of a few hours, take the Samsung batteries for example, compiled some proper charging techniques as your recommendation.


1, do not need to charge for more than 12 hours for the brand new Samsung batteries ;

2, preferably fully discharge and charge the Samsung batteries for one time during a week.

3, for some Samsung phone with overshoot protection function, it is recommended that the Samsung battery charger should be
pulled out immediately in case of prolonged charging when the power display 100%, the Samsung battery would switch to the overshoot protection and stop charging if it was fully charged, so there is no need to be recharged.

4, when the Samsung battery remaining battery level between 15% -25%, make sure turn off the cell phone connected to the

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