Take a look at the high-priced marvel iPhone 5 cases

By | September 16, 2015

Most popular Apple iPhone launched a wide variety of high-priced mobile phone cases, how marvel!  onu-mall will share you the unique iPhone 5 case.
1. Swarovski crystal case

crystal iPhone case

Price: about 1500 yuan

This iPhone 5 cases covered with Swarovski crystal is exclusively for female.

2. You & I cartoon case

cartoon iPhone case

Price: about 1500 yuan

An iPhone 5 case features custom wallpaper, the price is not cheap, you can send your own photos to the vendor .

3. Zoe iPony crystal case

crystal diamond iPhone case

Price: about 1600 yuan

This lovely crystal unicorn case is also very shiny, but it seems slightly kitsch.

4. Wheylan leather holster

leather iPhone case

Price: about 1700 yuan

iPhone 5 cover looks like a holster is made from all-leather handmade.

5. Dolce & Gabbana phone cover

Dolce&Gabbana iPhone case

Price: about 3600 yuan

Italy Sicily Dolce & Gabbana is a world-class luxury brand, by which iPhone 5 cover designed is certainly delicate and expensive.

6. The most expensive plastic iPhone 5 case

plastic iPhone case

Price: about 6300 yuan

“The case alone cost me just under $1000″is printed on the back of the phone case,that’s why the case entirely made of plastic is so expensive.

7. Crystal Flower Phone Case

crystal flower iPhone case

Price: about 9149 yuan

To be honest, the plastic phone 5 case designed as the inspiration for the “Paris in the spring” is bullshit, the price is enough to buy a round-trip of Paris.

8. Miansai gold Phone Case

gold iPhone case

Price: about 62,000 yuan

The iPhone 5 case is entirely made up of 14 carat 24K pure gold and the need to book two weeks in advance.

9. Anita Mai “dragon and spider” Phone 5  Case

the most expensive iPhone case

Price: about 5.38 million yuan

Thee iPhone 5 case integrates 18K white gold and 2200 colored diamonds named “the dragon and
Spider” which is a symbol of life and creativity, priced up to $ 880,000 (about 5.38 million
yuan), iPhone, which is definitely one of the most expensive case.

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