How to pick up a right cell phone case

By | September 21, 2015

We are inevitably dropping off our mobile phones onto the ground, the phone would be easily scratched, so it is the time to pick up a cell phone case to protect your cell phone, definitely,there are some practical skills for how to pick up a right the cell phone case, Onu Mall involved in wholesaling cell Phone case for almost 5 years would like to share some tips.
1.Cooling performance

silicon cell phone case

For the silicon cell phone case, make sure that there are vents around the silicon case because it is not pretty timely to dissipate heat for silicone case in case of the the phone’s internal parts is burned.
2.Wavy edge
phone case with Wavy edge

You can hold more tightly when there is sweat or water on your hand especially in summer ,that’s why you’d better choose a with wavy edge
3 Flexible button hole
cell phone case with holes paring the cell phone

There are not obvious buttons button holes for piles of cell phone cases pairing the phone,so it is not convenient to use such phone cases, so be sure to the camera hole and volume keys hole and keyboard hole and mobile phone charging jack on the phone case is fully consistent with your cell phone before buying.
4.Away from TPU phone case
TPU cell phone case

Given the TPU case, it is easy to dirty and hard to clean despite it feels good. Personally,it is not a good choice.
5.Leather phone cover is favorable
leather mobile phone case

For those afraid of making your mobile phone dirty,we highly recommend choosing the leather cover. The leather case does not only protect your phone from oil stains and dust, but it plays a significant role in effective protection of the entire mobile phone as well as it is convenient to answer the phone.
6.DIY Diamond phone case
It is too expensive to buy a really pretty dazzling diamond phone case, actually many online stores are selling suite of tools for how to diy diamond phone case, you can DIY can saving a lot of expenses.
7.Choose projecting protective screen phone case
phone case at a few millimeters higher than the phone screen

Your cell phone with case would be easily broken if the screen fall to the ground, so make sure that the phone case is a few millimeters higher than the phone screen.
8.the case is consistent with mobile phone
phone case paring the phone

No matter what cell phone case you pick, be sure that the case is not too tight nor too loose when being putting on the phone case.

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