How to choose cell phone battery

By | September 24, 2015

Along with the phone is increasingly popular, the power consumption is growing, the cell phone battery is also limited by life and number of charge cycles, when the phone suddenly shut down automatically and you have to recharge a battery less than four hours,it is time to change a cell phone battery, and we are always picking a cell phone battery with high capacity, but there is a misunderstanding. How many the battery capacity is depends on how large the batteries electric core is, and the batteries manufacturing technology have not been able to upgrade batteries capacity essentially. Take the phone’s original battery as standard, corresponding upward margin of battery capacity of high-capacity commercial battery is typically 10% -20%, and if the battery nominal capacity is too large than the original battery capacity, which belong to a virtual standard battery. As the original battery capacity is 1200mAh, if nominal affirmation of battery is 2000mAh,that’s vacuity.

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Besides the brand, you shall pay attention to the following points when choosing mobile phone battery:

1.When the battery is put into the phone, turn on the cell phone, it should not shut down when shaking.
2.Battery plastic shell should be clean and free of scratches and stains. Otherwise,it would be a second-hand or used mobile phone batteries.
3.There is not rust or plating layer off on battery contacts.
4.The battery should be able to boot on the phone and on the charger, discharge is normal.
5.models and battery capacity etc. should be clearly marked on the cell phone batteries .
6.Choose reputable vendors, and there is a clear commitment to service.
Choose original battery ensure the same effect as the original machine battery , the price is generally a bit expensive.
7.Carefully identify anti-counterfeit labels in case of buying counterfeit products.
8.Away from too cheap battery.

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    I learned a lot of information but I want to know can I buy a battery with a higher capacity charge. Must I buy the same battery that needs to be charged every day?


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