How to choose original cell phone batteries

By | September 24, 2015

A high quality mobile phone batteries can not only keep the phone’s normal operation, but reduce radiation damage to the body.Definitely, the original battery is the best, but not all of the phones are equipped with the original batteries especially for cottage version of mobile phones, Onu Mall specializing in sale of cell phone batteries for more than 5 years would like to share you how to choose the genuine mobile phone batteries for your reference:

Samsung battery

1, the cell phone batteries label uses the second printing technology, the color of the bar code portion is significantly darker than the other parts, and slightly convex over other portions, Motorola original batteries have this species characteristics.

2, scratching with a metal,the scratches left on the white place on the cell phone batteries label is similar to those scratched by a pencil.

3, the cell phone batteries shell is made of special material, which is very strong, difficult to damage.

4, Battery with neat appearance, no extra burr, the outer surface has some roughness and feel comfortable, inner surface feel smooth with fine vertical scratches.

5, the width of battery electrode is the same as the cell phone battery slice,”+”, “-” is marked below the corresponding position of battery electrodes,the insulating material between the battery charging electrodes is the same as that of the shell, but not one.

6,  phone packed with the cell phone batteries should feel comfortable and ease.

7, the the cell phone batteries is firmly locked on the back case of the cell phone.

8, the battery label is written clearly, there are corresponding battery part numbers as the battery type .

9, the battery manufacturer and the anti-counterfeiting marks shall be clearly marked, looking like three-dimensional.

10, “sawtooth” glitch on the font edge of the battery label , particularly suitable for Ericsson Series battery.

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