How many kinds of charger are on the market

By | September 28, 2015

Charger are currently mainly divided into mobile phone charger and travel charger, dock charger, car charger available on the market,the differences in performance indicators depends on where and how to use.

Docking charger. such chargers are generally designed to be dual-slot, which can charge two batteries, in addition to allowing users to charge the battery on the phone being used, but charge another. However, the charging time of a docking charger mostly with slow charge mode is longer, about 4 to 5 hours.


Travel Charger. The standard configuration of most mobile phone is travel charger. Travel charger and seat charger for charging a battery effect is the same,which is easy to carry and more appropriate for those who frequently travel abroad , it is generally fast charge mode, charging time is 2 to 3 hours. Travel charger dose not make any adverse effects on the mobile phone, but the user must confirm that it is the original charger when purchasing.


Car Charger. Such charger can easily charge the phone in the car. One end of the car charger is plug into the cigarette lighter, and the other end is connected to the phone, the phone should not be charged in the car for a long time because of the car closed with a high temperature, otherwise it will cause damage to the phone.


The original travel charger and seat charger adopt protect circuits or switch road design for the protective effect for rechargeable battery, while fake and shoddy charger without protected circuit is easy to burned or even burn the phone, choose the original travel charger and away from knock-off.

“Auto resolution lithium or NiMH batteries”is a apparent key to identity a charger,which can automatically distinguish two different battery charger in case of “the discharge of lithium malfunction”.If you accidentally press the “release pushbutton” on dock charger when charging lithium batteries, a good charger can identify lithium battery, it will not make a discharge operation; poor cradle will result in the impairment of lithium battery life. A good charger with protection settings and charging voltage standard does not overshoot or be unsaturated.

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