How to properly use the phone charger

By | September 28, 2015

We shall keep safe using home appliances no matter what kind of we have bought, not to mention the phone,we must abandon some of habits without the security use of mobile phone especially when the phone is charged. How to properly use the phone charger is the key to safe use of the mobile phones,if we do not pay attention to, we would not only get an electric shock, but may occur an explosion.


1. Do not expose the phone charger at a high temperature, during the summer with hot and humid climate and electricity peak, the phone charger is poor at heat dissipation,plus the unstable current, increasing the likelihood of conduct problems, especially for the phone with the metal body. Those with sweating palms and others with damp hair after taking a bath will likely be subjected to electric shocks. Moreover, do not cover the cell phone with blanket or pillow to avoid the battery temperature is relatively high, and thus the occurrence of breakdown, combustion, explosions and other tragedies while charging the phone.
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2.Do not use the phone while charging. We are increasingly dependent on the smartphone, and like using a cell phone while charging, the phone is charging, it is not wise to pick up the smartphone when charging. The charger transformer parts is likely to be breakdown if the charger with poor quality. Furthermore, the phone with low battery will produce more radiation harmful to human health.
3. Promptly unplug the charger when is fully charged. Many are accustomed to connecting the phone to the charger all day long for convenience. However, such an approach would lead to some security risks, the coil of the charger plugged may cause fever, insulating paint loss and damage, and even cause a fire due to heat. Therefore, unplug the charger to timely prevent fire at the rear end of charge or out of the room for a long time.

4. Mobile phone charger, battery has a certain service lifespan, replace the phone charging immediately when damaged.

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