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How to DIY natural embossed iPhone 4 case

embossing iPhone case

Do not put the dry petals on the iPhone 4 case unless the stacking height of these petals is not more than 1.5 mm,make sure the dried petals are suppressed very flatly.
Main material:
iPhone 4 case a (white) a bottle of AB epoxy glue a box of colored sequins several dried
Tools required:

DIY for how to DIY embossing iPhone case

A transparent plastic cup a ice cream stick a Marking pen Marker a timer a bottle of glue a ruler a bottle of nail polish remover 2 pieces of swab
Production steps:
Step 1:buy resin glue in the hardware store
Step 2:

samples of embossing iPhone case

Clean iPhone 4 case, make sure nothing left on the back of iPhone 4 case. Above are some of the samples.
Step 3:

stick the petals on the back of Phone case

Take out of dried petals, put the petals on the iPhone 4 case.
Step 4:

place the petals on the back of iPhone case stick the petals on the back of iPhone case

Follow the trick on how to place the petals, those with light color on the top, dark below.
Larger petals coated with a little glue stick to the iPhone case.
Step 5:

Put a ruler into a plastic cup and mark height

Put the ruler into a plastic cup, mark 3/8 inch (about 9.5mm) and 3/4 inch (about 19mm).
Step 6:

Pour resin into the plastic cup stir resin with a ice cream stick

Pour resin into the first plastic cup to 3/8 inch, waiting for 2 minutes set by the timer, stir with the ice cream stick.
Step 7:

Pour hardener into a plastic cup  stir resin with a ice cream stick

Pour hardener into the plastic cup to 3/4, wait for 1 minute, stir with the ice cream stick. Add color sequined armor according to your need. Still for 5 minutes.
Step 8:
Poured the resin onto the iPhone case

Poured the resin onto the iPhone 4 case from the middle to around.
Step 9:

Smooth resin with the ice cream stick on the back of iPhone case

Smooth resin with the ice cream stick,make sure there is none of air bubbles between the resin and flower.
Step 10:

clean the resin overflowed on the edge of the iPhone case

After standing for 1-2 hours, use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean the resin overflowed on the edge of the iPhone 4 case.

Take a look at the high-priced marvel iPhone 5 cases

Most popular Apple iPhone launched a wide variety of high-priced mobile phone cases, how marvel!  onu-mall will share you the unique iPhone 5 case.
1. Swarovski crystal case

crystal iPhone case

Price: about 1500 yuan

This iPhone 5 cases covered with Swarovski crystal is exclusively for female.

2. You & I cartoon case

cartoon iPhone case

Price: about 1500 yuan

An iPhone 5 case features custom wallpaper, the price is not cheap, you can send your own photos to the vendor .

3. Zoe iPony crystal case

crystal diamond iPhone case

Price: about 1600 yuan

This lovely crystal unicorn case is also very shiny, but it seems slightly kitsch.

4. Wheylan leather holster

leather iPhone case

Price: about 1700 yuan

iPhone 5 cover looks like a holster is made from all-leather handmade.

5. Dolce & Gabbana phone cover

Dolce&Gabbana iPhone case

Price: about 3600 yuan

Italy Sicily Dolce & Gabbana is a world-class luxury brand, by which iPhone 5 cover designed is certainly delicate and expensive.

6. The most expensive plastic iPhone 5 case

plastic iPhone case

Price: about 6300 yuan

“The case alone cost me just under $1000″is printed on the back of the phone case,that’s why the case entirely made of plastic is so expensive.

7. Crystal Flower Phone Case

crystal flower iPhone case

Price: about 9149 yuan

To be honest, the plastic phone 5 case designed as the inspiration for the “Paris in the spring” is bullshit, the price is enough to buy a round-trip of Paris.

8. Miansai gold Phone Case

gold iPhone case

Price: about 62,000 yuan

The iPhone 5 case is entirely made up of 14 carat 24K pure gold and the need to book two weeks in advance.

9. Anita Mai “dragon and spider” Phone 5  Case

the most expensive iPhone case

Price: about 5.38 million yuan

Thee iPhone 5 case integrates 18K white gold and 2200 colored diamonds named “the dragon and
Spider” which is a symbol of life and creativity, priced up to $ 880,000 (about 5.38 million
yuan), iPhone, which is definitely one of the most expensive case.

How to properly charge the battery

Majority of us do not know how to properly charge the phone despite the cell phone is increasingly popular, many are mistakenly believe that there is none of trick as long as it is fully charged or as charged for the use of a few hours, take the Samsung batteries for example, compiled some proper charging techniques as your recommendation.


1, do not need to charge for more than 12 hours for the brand new Samsung batteries ;

2, preferably fully discharge and charge the Samsung batteries for one time during a week.

3, for some Samsung phone with overshoot protection function, it is recommended that the Samsung battery charger should be
pulled out immediately in case of prolonged charging when the power display 100%, the Samsung battery would switch to the overshoot protection and stop charging if it was fully charged, so there is no need to be recharged.

4, when the Samsung battery remaining battery level between 15% -25%, make sure turn off the cell phone connected to the

How to DIY apple watch charging stand

If you are looking for a charging stand for putting your Apple Watch and disgusted with expensive charging stand available on the market, now it is your best choice to DIY a Apple Watch charging stand. What we need to use as follows: 1.Apple Watch charger 2. a foam 3. a silk weaving 4.a Stapler 5. a tape

items for making apple watch charging stand

First of all, neatly trim the foam manicured, and then blank a circle to place Apple Watch charger, as shown below:

blank a circle on a foam manicured to place Apple Watch charger

Cover the sponge with silk weaving, and then tire it with a stapler or tape.

put the apple watch charger on a foam

Finally, well place the charge cable then fix it with tape, just put the charger on the circle, we can charge the Apple Watch as long as the plug in the power,wow,you’ve done!

Definitely ,It is much more economical, and interesting over those bought on the market. Just do it by yourself.

How to DIY iPhone dock

iPhone 5 is vastly different from iPhone 4 series and iPhone 6 series, so dose the dock.I will share how to DIY iPhone dock
We need a large cardboard which you can get from the box packing new shirt or ordinary cardboard. I drew the fold lines and cut lines with a pencil.

diy-iphone5-dock-1-300x225                     diy-iphone5-dock-2-300x225

diy-iphone5-dock-3-300x225                     diy-iphone5-dock-4-300x225

The red solid line is the shear line, the red dotted line is the fold lines.
iPod Nano also can also be put on the stock, just slightly adjust both sides of the opening angle.

How to use the selfie stick to take picture

What’re currently the most popular phone accessories? Definitely, mobile phones cases,some may disagree and switch to selfie stick. Without a doubt,selfie stick allows us to enjoy the shooting everywhere and do not beg others to help us take pictures any more,that’s why it is so popular.Accordingly,there are kinds of selfie sticks available flooding on the market. So how to use a selfie stick to take a picture? Just follow onu-mall.

Step one: open the box and check the accessories (accessories include: Bluetooth Selfie stick 1, L-type mobile phone clip , USB charging cable 1, the product description card 1).


Step two: install the phone holder, tighten the lateral screw button. Some users always do not twist tightly, it may be because you screw the mobile phone clip instead of spiral button.


Step three: Install the phone, adjust the angle of the phone and tighten the screw button. How to adjust the angle depends on how to take a picture, spiral button must be tightened to prevent the phone from accidentally drop .


Step four: Turn on self stick. Press the power button for 2 seconds, make sure the green LED lights up for one second and then turns off,.

Step five: matching Bluetooth. Press the camera button for 2 seconds until the green LED lights is flashing for the self-shot pairing mode. Then open the Bluetooth, do not click the Bluetooth device for the pairing unless you searched nearby Bluetooth devices selfie signal. Wait for eight seconds, the green LED lights lit, the pairing is successful.

Step six how to manually adjust the telescopic rod length depends on where you are and how many you would like to take in the pictures,just click the camera button.

Step seven: timely shutdown in case of electrical run out. Press the power button for 3 seconds, the green LED light flashes rapidly for 2 times, the shutdown is complete.

Step 8: it can be charged by using USB cable connected to computer or power strip. Make sure the red LED lights lit constantly when charged, two hours is usually enough.


It should be noted that most of selfie stick with sleep function will automatically enter the sleep state without using it for 5 minutes. Just press the camera button to wake up and automatically connect the phone. When the phone Bluetooth is disconnected with selfie stick’s Bluetooth, press the camera button to automatically connect.

Since Android is an open source system, individual phone camera software do not support the selfie stick, you can manually download a photo software.

How to identify the glass screen protective film

When we get a new phone, some of us like buying a screen protector, it must efficiently protect the screen from crack and scratch despite it would make a adverse effects on the sharpness of the screened and a budget. There are now a wide variety of screen protector, which are high-definition protector, matte protective film, glass screen protective film, mirror screen protector, diamond screen protective film, Blu-ray protective screen protector, etc., the price rang a few dollars to tens of per dollars. Entering mobile phone film on Ebay and Amazon, they are tons of the top-ranking glass screen protective film, among which how to identify the tempered glass screen protector is the key we will discuss,take the Samsung galaxy for example.

With respect to the ordinary Samsung galaxy screen PET protective film, Samsung galaxy  tempered glass screen protector is better and harder, it can considerably share a part of force hitting the Samsung galaxy when you accidentally fall the cell phone to the ground. But what downside it also has is: the Samsung galaxy tempered glass screen protector is much thicker than the the Samsung galaxy screen PET protective film, even more thin film of 0.2mm is absolutely within the visible range.

how to use tempered glass screen protector

Samsung galaxy tempered glass screen protector can be divided into the ordinary explosion-proof Samsung galaxy glass screen protector and anti-blue Samsung galaxy screen protector according to the role it plays. Ordinary Samsung galaxy tempered glass screen protector with high permeability and anti-scratch is more usual, majority of which are cheap and can well protect the screen.


The mobile phone, tablet, PC and TV we use has LED blue light emitted, prolonged exposure to blue light damage to our retinal, may cause severe eye macular lesions. In daily life, we look at mobile phones more and more time, buy an anti-ray screen protector is still very necessary.

The thickness of the tempered glass is mainly concentrated in the 0.1mm to 0.3mm, the thinner, the better. Each thickness is divided into arc edge and straight edge, arc edge is as mellow as the 2.5D glass.

There are kinds of ordinary Samsung galaxy PET screen protective film, which are mainly high-definition screen film, matte screen film, mirror screen protective film, diamond screen protective film, diamond screen protective film can be divided into a gold diamond protective film, a silver diamond protective  film according to different embedded sequins.

HD Samsung galaxy protective films with high contrast light transmittance and scratch resistant are those most used.

Matte Samsung galaxy protective film is superb, but the screen resolution is unsatisfactory.

As the name suggests, mirror Samsung galaxy screen protector can be used as a mirror, which are some of the girl’s favorite, but the disadvantage is effectively reducing the viewing angle of the screen, if you often share screen content with friends, the mirror screen protector certainly is not for you.

Samsung-mirror-tempered-glass-screen-protector  mirror-tempered-glass-screen-protector

Diamond film’s biggest feature is embedded sequins, sparkling and lovable, but will seriously affect the screen sharpness, I personally do not recommend this screen protector.

How to choose iPhone tempered glass screen protector

The iPhone tempered glass screen protector with arc edge is much harder and better than PET film with straight edge. Generally speaking, the thinner, the better,0.1mm arc edge is best. If you use the phone for long time, the proposed purchase of anti-blue iPhone tempered glass screen protector.What are the characteristics of a pretty good iPhone screen protective screen film in the end, consider the following description.

iphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

1, anti-scratch strength: a good iPhone glass tempered glass protector can withstand the scrape by blades, scissors, keys and other hard, sharp objects. It is difficult to leave the obvious scratches on quality tempered glass screen protector.

iphone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

2, smooth: touch the iPhone tempered glass screen protector with your fingers, if it is a good tempered glass protective film, there would be more delicate, smoother than the original iPhone touch screen (bare screen).

iphone6 Screen Protector

3, the size of the fit: you just take the film posted on the iPhone, if the size is perfect covered, particularly for some of the holes (photosensitive hole),there is no bubble between the screen and screen protector posted,it must be a quality screen protector.

4, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil: the better approach is: dripping water and oil to write on the screen protector, a good iPhone glass membrane is able to condense water, the dripping water does not spread up; it is very difficult to write something with a oil pen on the surface of a iPhone tempered glass protector, and it is easy to erase the ink left!

5, explosion-proof performance: it is not only a crucial an indicator evaluating the quality of the film, but a performance consumers are most concerned! A good iPhone tempered glass protective film is known as praised toughness, density, strength, which means that the glass fragmentation holds a whole mesh lines.

6, light transmission performance: the light transmittance is the easiest and most direct way! A good iPhone tempered glass screen protector with the large density, high light transmittance contribute to clear picture quality.

What shall you need to know before buying mobile phone cases

With the rapid upgrading of smart phones, high-priced iPhone including iPhone 5 is increasingly popular, which has considerably accelerated its derivatives industry- – Development of mobile phone case industry. Many people like “wearing” a jacket on the cell phone, which not only show off individuality but prevent the phone look worn. But it is reported that the iPhone 5 case and other cell phone case contain formaldehyde or carcinogenic, so is that true or not in the end?

iPhone 5 case

Given the cell phone cases particularly iPhone 5 case containing formaldehyde or carcinogenic problem, China mainland’s CCTV 2’s program named “is it real ” has experimentally the puzzle. Program survey team chose plastic, silicone and leather materials which are three kinds made into mobile phone case were heated to 45 ℃ and collected the gas released for analysis. The results are shocked, the maximum emission of toxic substances is carcinogen formaldehyde which was actually determined to be  class 1 (ie, are carcinogenic to humans and animals) early in 2006.

mobile phone cases gun-shaped

Hazard phone covers

Mobile phone covers, especially silicone iPhone 5 case and other mobile phone cover is not conducive to the phone dissipating heat, easily lead to body overheating, particularly serious may cause an explosion.

Experiments have proved that iPhone 5 case and other mobile phone covers exported from China mainland is generally made of TPU / TPE (silicone), hard PVC/PC / ABS (plastic), besides halogen, benzene, plastic products of dibasic lead phthalate, plasticized agent 2-terephthalate – di (branched and linear) amyl are carcinogens. The toner, masterbatch, black and so on making an adverse effect on the human body must be added into the case, that’s why the colors of kinds of mobile phone cases are different,.

How to choose mobile phone cases particularly iPhone 5 case

Phone cases quality varies greatly, so it is too difficult to choose the high quality iPhone case and other cell phone cases for consumers especially those in the pursuit of individuality and fashion. But experts remind consumers that iPhone 5 case and other mobile phone cases still allows you to enjoy a safe fashion live as long as you keep a clear head, First of all, keep away from those with too bright color. The second is making sure that there is none of a pungent odor, or smells disgusting, or choke the eye. The third is be careful of iPhone 5 case and other mobile phone case which are too soft and are easy to fade, moreover, add those with Irritating odor, or special hard to the blacklist. Experts advise that the customer these types of harmful ingredients contain relatively higher amounts, preferably choose other iPhone 5 cases and cell phone cases.

How many kinds of iphone 6 cases available on the market

There are tons of mobile phone cases including iphone 6 case flooding on the market,Onu-mall online store specially collate several common  mobile phone case available for your reference and choice.

Metal mobile phone cases including iPhone 6 case

mental iPhone 6 case

We inevitably accidentally drop the phone, resulting in varying degrees of injuries, the mobile phone protective shell with metal frame is very strong. You would not cause damage to the cell phone any more, even more the metal frame would be cracked if your cell phone accidentally fell to the ground.

Clamshell leather iPhone 6 case and other mobile phone cases


Phone protective flip cover looks ordinary, but comprehensively protect the phone, your cell phone all around is wrapped by the iPhone 6 cases and other mobile phone case, you no longer have to worry about the mobile phones wrestled, scratched.

Plastic hard mobile phone case


Colorful stitching mobile phone case particularly iPhone 6 case looks fashionable, it should be the style the young like, but the strength of the plastic material is not strong enough to protect the cell phone.

Crystal TPU mobile phone covers


Girls usually like this shiny diamond TPU mobile phone cover, it is very luxurious. But buying such a mobile phone cover, be sure to look carefully diamond quality and workmanship, it is very easy to drill off for the protective cover attached cheap diamond.

Cartoon silicone cell phone cover


Cartoon iPhone 6 case and cell phone case feels comfortable, which is adorable, you don’t worry about the protection function if your cell phone fall to the ground. But the capacity of heat dissipation is poor.

Embossed TPU cell phone protective cover


Embossed cell phone protective cover is exquisite and unique, there are a considerable cell phone protective covers and iPhone cases customizable for the pattern.