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What are the deluxe iPhone cases

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NO.1 Actual labyrinth iPhone case

Actual labyrinth iPhone case

Actual labyrinth is a simple and fun maze game popular over those born in 1980s or even 1990s , which brought back many memories.

NO.2 Pink Drink iPhone case
Pink Drink iPhone case

Pink drinks very cute temporary microcosm during 1980s, although it is still considered the color of little girls, but it enjoys a great popularity all over the world. Matching the black and white, pink iPhone case may make you become the most dazzling scenery in summer.

NO.3 Boombox  iPhone cases
Boombox  iPhone cases

Many belong to the memory of the 1980s, including the old-fashioned radio, like music recorded in magnetic tape, which are valuable but have lost. Luckily, the Boombox iPhone case entirely engraved from memories bring years of youth time.

NO.4 Denture  iPhone cover
Denture  iPhone case

If you are not a dentist, then you would not prefer to denture, right? But have to admit, this metamorphosis profiled and strange phone case really amazing.

NO.5 Eyebrush and make-up kit  iPhone case
Eyebrush and make-up kit  iPhone case

Chanel perfume bottle iPhone case is very elegant, which can meet Ms. Amy little personality.

NO.6 Legit  iPhone cases

Legit  iPhone cases

The conquest of the Wild West with your iPhone case to meet childhood desire.

NO.7 Lab.C Cable  iPhone cases

Lab.C Cable  iPhone cases

Like the wireless mouse named Nano with a receiver inside, the iPhone case is also a good derivative application: the charging cable is placed in the phone case so that you would never forget taking USB cable any more.

NO.8 Hana  iPhone cases
Hana  iPhone cases

Just for fun!

NO.9 Opena iPhone cover

Opena iPhone case

Maybe not so tough as saber possessed, but Opena bottle opener iPhone case design is very clever and practical. Do not worry iPhone or housing will be damaged, push-opener portion is actually very strong.

NO.10 Get Well Kit Digital Pill Box  iPhone cover
Get Well Kit Digital Pill Box  iPhone case

Simple lattice design may be common, but those can be stored pills are very special. The cell phone case designed with a kit on the back is a supporting healthy APP, Reminder Notes users when medication.

NO.11 Icephone  iPhone cases
Icephone  iPhone cases

It must be so popular in summer!

NO.12 –Trip do Brasil Brazil trip phone cover
Trip do Brasil Brazil trip phone case

World Cup iPhone case do not only match with football and players, but with green football field.

NO.13 Sweater hoodie  iPhone case
Sweater hoodie  iPhone case

iPhone case is figuratively a dress, Sweater hoodie is a more realistic way to describe the dress,which is a sleeveless sweater with a zipper with hat, perhaps for the cold-blooded iPhone.

NO.14 TV dinner  iPhone cases
TV dinner  iPhone cases

Designer prepare a complete protective cover for iPhone, but this guy is pretty similar to fast-food , you would be help putting into a microwave oven.

What are the stunning iPhone case

Obviously, popular smartphones also led to the development of mobile phone case, you can find almost what you want: an expensive gold or diamond materials, fine leather luxury brand or a variety of cute cartoon case. Meanwhile, there are some weird stunning styles the ordinary people can not image. These bizarre case usually have a strong camouflage, it can be an old-fashioned telephone, a hard disk or even a prehistoric beetles, everything. If you like to attract the attention on the street, you can consider the following models:

Eel rice iPhone case
Eel rice Phone case

First of all, tons of strange phone case are derived from Japan, such as this very realistic modeling of eel rice iPhone case. You can see, eel, rice or sauce parts are very lifelike, fully demonstrating the advantages of the details the Japanese are always emphasizing.When you call with the phone, someone else thought you would eat the eel rice by ear.

Prehistoric beetle iPhone case
Prehistoric beetle iPhone case

If the eel rice can also be accepted, then the super-huge, the prehistoric beetle case looks a bit sick. Yes, it is also from Japan, looks like alien larvae, the tentacles inside the cellular phone case can be firmly fixed iPhone, but you are basically holding a monster calling,looking very frightening.

Lobster iPhone case
Lobster iPhone case

It is lobster. Yes, you can put the phone fixed in lobster body However, its design is consistent with the aesthetic standards of the people, at least you can normally receive calls.

Bible cellular phone case

Bible cellular phone case

Well, the animal theme temporarily come to an end, the following entry are materialized theme. If you are a devout Christian, may wish to try this iPhone leather case disguised as a Bible, after all,when it seems to be pious when you go to church.

Retro camera phone case

Retro camera phone case

Do you like classic vintage Leica camera? The rangefinder camera phone case would meet your retro feeling. Basically, in addition to the iPhone lens and flashlight on the lower left corner , you do not check out any flaws; camera lens portion is actually a self-portrait mirror, it can be described as very useful.

Cobblestone phone case
Cobblestone Phone Case

Want to be strong, or make the thief will not be thinking about how to cabbage your hands iPhone, you can consider this cobblestone housing. It uses a realistic matte surface material, but the actual material is rubber, and therefore it can not really be used for self-defense.

Calculator phone case

Calculator Phone Case

Is also a highly camouflaged mobile phone shell, can transfer the back of the iPhone into a scientific calculator, basically there will be no thieves eyeing you.

Mechanical hard drive phone case

Mechanical hard drive phone case

While there is some gaps between the iPhone’s volume and real mechanical disk , but it is difficult to distinguish if you do not look carefully, then almost no one would pay attention to “mechanical hard disk.”holder by your hands.

Original cellular phone case

The last one is known as a camouflage effect and very retro, it should make a lot of users aged 30 years and older feel warm. Basically, iPhone with the phone case will be the most popular mobile phone in 1990s, which is not only domineering, but enhance the iPhone’s protective feature.

What are the ten Japanese food phone case

Today, what will be introduced by onu-mall is some iPhone accessories with mouth-watering food theme. Whether grilled eel or delicious fried noodles, you will not help drooling.

1, Japanese Takosen

Japanese Takosen iPhone case

Takosen is a traditional Japanese snack, using two slices of pancakes to sandwich the chapter and other fish, eggs and vegetable ingredients. The phone holder is specially launched by a company specializing in Takosen, the simulated omelette, mayonnaise, salad dressing and bonito fish are so vivid that you would help swallowing the iPhone case.

2 fresh green onions

onions iPhone case

An onion is a food and condiments with strong pungent odor, it is also a very traditional cooking ingredients in Japan. This iPhone case is not only pretty realistic, but even emit onion smell. You’d better keep away from those disgusted with onion.

3, eel rice

eel rice iPhone case

Freshwater eels is Japan’s most common cooking ingredients, but this iPhone case not only lifelike eel, but is also accompanied by the following refined white rice, all the details and textures are restored, taking with the phone case, you would not be afraid of hungry any more.

4, Nikujaga

Nikujaga iPhone case

Nikujaga is also a very traditional Japanese food, although it is not as famous as sushi, but a jug of wine and a Nikujaga are essential and prioritized for almost all of the Japanese to the tavern. Nikujaga is stewed together with beef, potatoes, onions and sweet soy sauce. Besides beef, ground beef and pork are also very popular. Don’t you refuse tasting the cellular case?

5, omelettes and bacon

omelettes and bacon iPhone case

No one would prefer to omelette over the Japanese, as we all know, if accompanied by a few slices of bacon bellow the omelette, it is more perfect, while matching with bacon, can provide a wealth for our protein. If you are a vegetarian, do not worry. In addition omelette with bacon, manufacturers also offer Turkish dishes, noodles and other options.

6, saury

saury iPhone case

This saury style is my favorite, not only well-made realistic, be careful not to provoke the wild cat, they would snatch your iPhone case.

7, yakisoba

yakisoba iPhone case

Yakisoba usually use small pieces of fried pork, noodles, cabbage, onions, carrots and permitted sauce, salt and pepper frying, and also many decorative embellishment ingredients, such as seaweed powder, ginger, sashimi or mayonnaise. And this seems to be very suitable for the production of the iPhone case.

8, sausage

sausage iPhone case

A big sausage, painted with ketchup and mustard sauce, not just in Japan, which are very popular all over the world. And this sausage iphone case is made of 100% environmentally friendly inorganic plastic.

9, carrot

carrot iPhone case

Relative to us, it is more suitable for rabbits,so if you domesticate the bunnies, keep the iPhone case phone away from it.

10, king crab

king crab iPhone case

Just like a cell phone holder, it has now transformed into a king crab pliers. The oversized king crab claw child can be directly adsorbed on the back of the phone to play a supporting role. But there is not thin and tender crab meat in it.

How to find your favorable selfie stick

Selfie stick is more and more popular, there are tons of selfie stick flooding on the market priced at various dollars,definitely, it is not easy to pick a really quality selfie stick.However, You can be easily find what you want just following what i said.

selfie-stick-monopod (3)

There are currently three kinds of selfie stick on the market:

A unibody bluetooth selfie stick
Most of the selfie stick currently are unibody, which can take and approachable pictures

Second, the Bluetooth remote control selfie stick
Such selfie stick is separate from the remote control, which have to be equipped with a bluetooth remote control, and it is small and easily lost, but you can take clear picture in case of the hand’s shaking

Third, selfie stick driven by wire
That is cheaper on the market,by connecting the headset port to a phone,there is no need to charge and use bluetooth, but the drawback is that the wire is relatively easy to damage .

selfie-stick-monopod (2)

The selfie stick is roughly divided into three categories according to what composed by

First, aluminum
Features: Light, rich colors

Second, stainless steel
Features: safe, solid, practical

Third, carbon fiber
Features: lightest, relatively expensive

Moreover,you should pay special attention to clip,which likely to cause damage to the phone. Furthermore,switching to those with 3C certification mark in China which have strict control on the design, manufacture, safety indicators.


Operating system:
Mainly IOS and Android system, but those made in China currently on the market are not compatible with phone bluetooth remote.

What is selfie stick and selfie shoes

The selfie stick is a stick which can be arbitrarily stretch between the 20 cm to 120 cm, just fixing the phone on the rod and connecting your cellular phone and remote control via Bluetooth,or simply inserting the wire into the headphone jack,you can take the picture and enjoy the self-time everywhere,you would never be troubled in ask anybody shooting for you.

There are most common selfie stick on the market

One: Selfie stick driven by wire is actually very simple, just inserting the wire into the plug.

Advantages: convenient, self-timer can be completed with one hand, and cheaper prices.

Disadvantages: the wire is perishable and may not match with the phone.


II: Bluetooth remote selfie stick,as the name suggests,the selfie stick is controlled by the bluetooth, you have to press the Bluetooth key to take pictures by yourself.

Advantages: no wires, etc. As long as cellular phone support bluetooth

Cons: you needs to replace the batteries, the price is much more expensive than wire rod selfie stick

Pocket-Selfie-stick (2)

Selfie shoes

selfie shoe

New York-based company told that the feet can shoot besides hands. Miz Mooz shoe company released a selfie shoe,the toe of which with open slot design can put the phone, just lifting your feet,you can record the happy time,maybe if you mast Kung fu,you would take much more perfect picture.

Miz Mooz companies said that the selfie stick is not convenient to carry despite it is easy to use, while the self shoe can complete the liberation of your hands, and you are no longer carrying it. Moreover,for some occasions prohibiting the use of the self-stick, selfie shoes can not be easily find. However, you have lift your leg to shoot,those do know how to do the splits can take pictures at any angle.

Selfie stick are disabled
Singapore media recently reported that the South Korean authorities began to control the self-pole equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, on the grounds that it might interfere with other equipment, electromagnetic waves emitted may be harmful to the human body. South Korean Science Ministry announced that self-timer lever equipped with a Bluetooth phone and a camera would be strictly regulated, the sale of such products without the approval of relevant departments will face fines of up to $ 27,000 or imprisonment for three years.

How to choose good selfie stick from a pile of selfie monopod

There are piles of selfie stick monopod priced from a dozen to a hundred dollars, how to choose ?

1, function

selfie stick is generally divided into three kinds:

The first: Bluetooth selfie stick monopod all in one, you can shoot by one hand, most of the selfie stick is generally integrated with bluetooth, which can be connected to camera phone via bluetooth.

The second: the need to install a bluetooth remote control,the bluetooth remote control are smaller and easier to lose. However, it will not shack caused by operation of the button when shooting due to the remote control separate from the stick.

Third: by the use of the headset port connection to a phone , without charge and Bluetooth, the price is low, but the external wire is more easily damaged.

2.  material


Aluminum, more portable, rich colors.

Stainless steel is known as portable and scalable strong feature. It is difficult to identify the difference from the picture, but you can handle just making sure whether it has a groove,those with double groove are know for praised stability and security.

3, clip


Selfie monopod is still a relatively new item, almost no standards, piles of knock off are flooding on the market, how to protect the cell phone is pretty noteworthy. For some of the clip with low quality, the phone is easy to fall, it is easy to break the screen especially for the large-screen smart phone which is not securely assembled,switching to those with raised plastic material between the clip and the spring tension making its security performance greater than others.

4, length


the stretch rod length range of most of the self-rods is between 20 cm to 90 cm and between 60-140 cm and how to choose the length can be determined according to different needs, those with 20-50cm length are suitable for couple shooting, those with 24-95cm is a good helper for 3 or more persons, family gatherings, entertainment .

5, suitability


Bluetooth remote control: almost all of selfie monopod are compatible iPhone,but can’t access to some of cellular phone with Android with open platform particularly made in China, but a lot of APP can solve this problem, such as beauty, camera360 like.

6, color


common colors are black, orange, blue, pink, white.

7, price

is broadly divided into three price points, 20-80 (initial contact), 80-130 (cost-effective), 130-240 (with certain requirements), a penny stock that is the truth.

8, brand

brand is actually materialized reputation, frankly speaking,and the brand is good, which means that prices will not be low. I recommend several brand selfie monopod: Fotopro Futuna Po / PzozMomax / Mo Mishi / dodofish / etc.

What are the difference between the headset and earphone

Many of us are confused by the difference between the headset and earphone, generally speaking, all of the earphones are called headset, but strictly speaking,those can put into the ear are earphones commonly, those attached rear mounting are known as the headset. I representing onu-mall online shop would like to share the tips about how to buy the earphone or headset and what the characters of them .

Bluetooth headphone

Sound PK
With respect to headset, the earphone is a compromise to portability. Similarly, compared with the speaker, headphone is a compromise to the size and portable. As far as the sound is concerned, Speakers> Headphones> Earphones (based on the same quality). Given the sound field, earphone is known as obvious earplugs effect, it is impossible to construct a complete sound field, the sound field is definitely weaker than the headset. In a word,on the performance of sound performance, the headset is better than and earphone similarly priced, but portability of headset is not as good as earphones.

Lifespan PK
Headphones and earphones belong consumer electronics, so lifespan is a question we have to consider,which can be judged according to after-sales service,the after-sales of headphone is about one year

Kinds – PK
If we set the price scale at 500 yuan, we will find more earphones than headset, that’s why the kinds of earphone is significantly more than headset, if you want to buy a earphone, there is more options for you.

Summary: for most common consumers, I personally recommend buying earphone, which is cheap and more with customizable style and optional sound, disappointedly, headset is generally expensive with dull appearance which are not suitable for young users.However, if If prolonged to wear, the best comfort is headset,besides its athletic shape is also more suitable for more serious occasions of professional applications. Finally, it is recommended that whether choosing the headphones or earphone is based on your own style and how long you use, moreover,switch to the brand earphone and headset with after-service assured.

How to find quality earphone online

Online shopping has gradually become our favorite, which is not only convenient and fast,but we can compare with a retail store, so shopping the earphone online is popular,definitely,there is some tips for shopping online.

Bluetooth Headset

Bargain deals with coupons for a headset is sold at only around ten dollars,most of which is honestly are knock off despite the prices are cheaper than those introduced by formal channels of regular manufacturers . Of course, private used headset is not included. If you found a earphone sold on a online sales headset cheaper than the store, you’d better away from it.

If you would like to buy the quality earphones, just switch to some brand online shop, although the price may be more expensive than the store, but the quality can be guaranteed, for example Jingdong Amazon and Tmall, these online stores authorized by original earphone manufacturer have signed a provision.Meanwhile,keep away from those sold at pretty cheap earphone but with unbelievable credibility, which is likely to pay money to positive review,just keep in step with the brand online store.

How to choose right headphone in retail shop

When shopping in the headphone retail shop, you must pay attention to the package, the anti-counterfeiting coating and  label coding are one of details most easily overlook which you can check in official headphone manufacturer, make sure that the headset is licensed by informal channels,because the profiteer prefer to put the cottage into the box packaged by informal vendors .


Then let us take a look at how is the headset? First we shall check whether the performance of details of the earphone part achieve the brand’s standards, such as whether there is a significant thread and burrs on the connection part and excess glue on the adhesive portion and so on.

For the headphone with flat wire, roll the headset wire into a ball, and then see how long the restitution is. Honestly, large companies emphasize on the performance of the wire, and those knock off tend to use inferior materials.

After checking the wire, let’s assess another details easily overlooked, that is the headphones plug,what are currently most used plug are or 3.5mm plug, 6.3mm plug,genuine headphone plug front end can be very smoothly inserted, there is a clear sense of focus when being pull out, but it is not particularly difficult. For those knock off ,it is not easy to insert and pull out the earphone.

What are the precautions for driving the smart self balancing scooter

Balance Electric Scooter

Before driving an smart self balancing scooter, make sure that the components of a smart self balancing scooter are securely installed, without damage.

Please find a open flat venues for driving practice, at least 4m * 4m area, indoor and outdoor.

Make a full understanding of surrounding for the driving environment; ensuring not be disturbed by cars, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstacles.

Pair a skilled assistant next who is able to skillfully operate smart self balancing scooter and familiar with all of the manual precautions and driving methods.

Do not test on a smooth, slippery field.
Newbie must wear safety helmets and protective gear in case of injury.
For those with joystick,adjust the height adjustment knob on the joystick to what you think is the right height to ensure that you can comfortably hold the handle.