How to choose right headphone in retail shop

By | October 20, 2015

When shopping in the headphone retail shop, you must pay attention to the package, the anti-counterfeiting coating and  label coding are one of details most easily overlook which you can check in official headphone manufacturer, make sure that the headset is licensed by informal channels,because the profiteer prefer to put the cottage into the box packaged by informal vendors .


Then let us take a look at how is the headset? First we shall check whether the performance of details of the earphone part achieve the brand’s standards, such as whether there is a significant thread and burrs on the connection part and excess glue on the adhesive portion and so on.

For the headphone with flat wire, roll the headset wire into a ball, and then see how long the restitution is. Honestly, large companies emphasize on the performance of the wire, and those knock off tend to use inferior materials.

After checking the wire, let’s assess another details easily overlooked, that is the headphones plug,what are currently most used plug are or 3.5mm plug, 6.3mm plug,genuine headphone plug front end can be very smoothly inserted, there is a clear sense of focus when being pull out, but it is not particularly difficult. For those knock off ,it is not easy to insert and pull out the earphone.

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