What are the difference between the headset and earphone

By | October 20, 2015

Many of us are confused by the difference between the headset and earphone, generally speaking, all of the earphones are called headset, but strictly speaking,those can put into the ear are earphones commonly, those attached rear mounting are known as the headset. I representing onu-mall online shop would like to share the tips about how to buy the earphone or headset and what the characters of them .

Bluetooth headphone

Sound PK
With respect to headset, the earphone is a compromise to portability. Similarly, compared with the speaker, headphone is a compromise to the size and portable. As far as the sound is concerned, Speakers> Headphones> Earphones (based on the same quality). Given the sound field, earphone is known as obvious earplugs effect, it is impossible to construct a complete sound field, the sound field is definitely weaker than the headset. In a word,on the performance of sound performance, the headset is better than and earphone similarly priced, but portability of headset is not as good as earphones.

Lifespan PK
Headphones and earphones belong consumer electronics, so lifespan is a question we have to consider,which can be judged according to after-sales service,the after-sales of headphone is about one year

Kinds – PK
If we set the price scale at 500 yuan, we will find more earphones than headset, that’s why the kinds of earphone is significantly more than headset, if you want to buy a earphone, there is more options for you.

Summary: for most common consumers, I personally recommend buying earphone, which is cheap and more with customizable style and optional sound, disappointedly, headset is generally expensive with dull appearance which are not suitable for young users.However, if If prolonged to wear, the best comfort is headset,besides its athletic shape is also more suitable for more serious occasions of professional applications. Finally, it is recommended that whether choosing the headphones or earphone is based on your own style and how long you use, moreover,switch to the brand earphone and headset with after-service assured.

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