How to choose good selfie stick from a pile of selfie monopod

By | October 27, 2015

There are piles of selfie stick monopod priced from a dozen to a hundred dollars, how to choose ?

1, function

selfie stick is generally divided into three kinds:

The first: Bluetooth selfie stick monopod all in one, you can shoot by one hand, most of the selfie stick is generally integrated with bluetooth, which can be connected to camera phone via bluetooth.

The second: the need to install a bluetooth remote control,the bluetooth remote control are smaller and easier to lose. However, it will not shack caused by operation of the button when shooting due to the remote control separate from the stick.

Third: by the use of the headset port connection to a phone , without charge and Bluetooth, the price is low, but the external wire is more easily damaged.

2.  material


Aluminum, more portable, rich colors.

Stainless steel is known as portable and scalable strong feature. It is difficult to identify the difference from the picture, but you can handle just making sure whether it has a groove,those with double groove are know for praised stability and security.

3, clip


Selfie monopod is still a relatively new item, almost no standards, piles of knock off are flooding on the market, how to protect the cell phone is pretty noteworthy. For some of the clip with low quality, the phone is easy to fall, it is easy to break the screen especially for the large-screen smart phone which is not securely assembled,switching to those with raised plastic material between the clip and the spring tension making its security performance greater than others.

4, length


the stretch rod length range of most of the self-rods is between 20 cm to 90 cm and between 60-140 cm and how to choose the length can be determined according to different needs, those with 20-50cm length are suitable for couple shooting, those with 24-95cm is a good helper for 3 or more persons, family gatherings, entertainment .

5, suitability


Bluetooth remote control: almost all of selfie monopod are compatible iPhone,but can’t access to some of cellular phone with Android with open platform particularly made in China, but a lot of APP can solve this problem, such as beauty, camera360 like.

6, color


common colors are black, orange, blue, pink, white.

7, price

is broadly divided into three price points, 20-80 (initial contact), 80-130 (cost-effective), 130-240 (with certain requirements), a penny stock that is the truth.

8, brand

brand is actually materialized reputation, frankly speaking,and the brand is good, which means that prices will not be low. I recommend several brand selfie monopod: Fotopro Futuna Po / PzozMomax / Mo Mishi / dodofish / etc.

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