How to find your favorable selfie stick

By | October 27, 2015

Selfie stick is more and more popular, there are tons of selfie stick flooding on the market priced at various dollars,definitely, it is not easy to pick a really quality selfie stick.However, You can be easily find what you want just following what i said.

selfie-stick-monopod (3)

There are currently three kinds of selfie stick on the market:

A unibody bluetooth selfie stick
Most of the selfie stick currently are unibody, which can take and approachable pictures

Second, the Bluetooth remote control selfie stick
Such selfie stick is separate from the remote control, which have to be equipped with a bluetooth remote control, and it is small and easily lost, but you can take clear picture in case of the hand’s shaking

Third, selfie stick driven by wire
That is cheaper on the market,by connecting the headset port to a phone,there is no need to charge and use bluetooth, but the drawback is that the wire is relatively easy to damage .

selfie-stick-monopod (2)

The selfie stick is roughly divided into three categories according to what composed by

First, aluminum
Features: Light, rich colors

Second, stainless steel
Features: safe, solid, practical

Third, carbon fiber
Features: lightest, relatively expensive

Moreover,you should pay special attention to clip,which likely to cause damage to the phone. Furthermore,switching to those with 3C certification mark in China which have strict control on the design, manufacture, safety indicators.


Operating system:
Mainly IOS and Android system, but those made in China currently on the market are not compatible with phone bluetooth remote.

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