What is selfie stick and selfie shoes

By | October 27, 2015

The selfie stick is a stick which can be arbitrarily stretch between the 20 cm to 120 cm, just fixing the phone on the rod and connecting your cellular phone and remote control via Bluetooth,or simply inserting the wire into the headphone jack,you can take the picture and enjoy the self-time everywhere,you would never be troubled in ask anybody shooting for you.

There are most common selfie stick on the market

One: Selfie stick driven by wire is actually very simple, just inserting the wire into the plug.

Advantages: convenient, self-timer can be completed with one hand, and cheaper prices.

Disadvantages: the wire is perishable and may not match with the phone.


II: Bluetooth remote selfie stick,as the name suggests,the selfie stick is controlled by the bluetooth, you have to press the Bluetooth key to take pictures by yourself.

Advantages: no wires, etc. As long as cellular phone support bluetooth

Cons: you needs to replace the batteries, the price is much more expensive than wire rod selfie stick

Pocket-Selfie-stick (2)

Selfie shoes

selfie shoe

New York-based company told that the feet can shoot besides hands. Miz Mooz shoe company released a selfie shoe,the toe of which with open slot design can put the phone, just lifting your feet,you can record the happy time,maybe if you mast Kung fu,you would take much more perfect picture.

Miz Mooz companies said that the selfie stick is not convenient to carry despite it is easy to use, while the self shoe can complete the liberation of your hands, and you are no longer carrying it. Moreover,for some occasions prohibiting the use of the self-stick, selfie shoes can not be easily find. However, you have lift your leg to shoot,those do know how to do the splits can take pictures at any angle.

Selfie stick are disabled
Singapore media recently reported that the South Korean authorities began to control the self-pole equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, on the grounds that it might interfere with other equipment, electromagnetic waves emitted may be harmful to the human body. South Korean Science Ministry announced that self-timer lever equipped with a Bluetooth phone and a camera would be strictly regulated, the sale of such products without the approval of relevant departments will face fines of up to $ 27,000 or imprisonment for three years.

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