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What are the features of electric balancing scooter

Instead of walking
Instead of walking is the physical characteristics of an electric balancing scooter and segway at speeds of up to 20km, the mileage is 20-70km after a single charge.

Take mobile video


Electric balancing scooter may be combined with cellular phone, DV, cameras and other equipment, it with its automatic walking function can be used as a mobile shooting platform.

APP application
Balance-Electric-Scooter (2)

Electric balancing scooter connected to the internet of mobile phone via mobile APP can Real-time understanding of information of driving, at the same time, APP can also achieve friends, sharing and other functions,importantly, it can be controlled by bluetooth configuration via Bluetooth mobile phone.

Play music

It can play music by being equipped with a bluetooth speaker via bluetooth mobile phone


The electric self balancing scooter is driven by batteries without noise,it adopts the lithium battery pack as a power source to achieve zero carbon emissions,moreover,by taking advantage of power conversion technology, lithium ion battery pack can be charged automatically in downhill process so that energy and momentum can be recycled.


Small size, light weight: the vertical projection area is similar to the size of two pairs of slippers, small footprint, those with the handle can be quickly disassembled. The weight is around 15kg.

how-to-use-Balance-Electric-Scooter how to use Balance Electric Scooterhow-to-use-Balance-Electric-Scooter-with-remote-control

Stand Driving: a electric self balancing scooter with standing balance driving mode runs through the center of gravity of the body and joystick for the liberation of your hands.

What is electric self balancing scooter

Electric self balancing scooter, called the somatosensory car, Segway,Hoverboards. There are two types of unicycle and two-wheeled on the market. Its operating principle is based on dynamic stabilization, by taking advantage of the body’s internal sophisticated solid-state gyroscope and acceleration sensor is to detect changes in posture of scooter, and the servo control system precisely adjusts the drive motor accordingly via the appropriate instructions calculated by the sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor.


How to drive

Similar to the human being’s own balance system, when the center of gravity of ourselves forward, the electric self balancing scooter has to move forward in order to ensure a balance, the scooter move back when the the center of gravity tilt. Meanwhile, some of the electric balancing scooter with grip is shifted by the telescoping pole, swing of the joystick with extendable rod make the vehicle speed difference between the left and right wheels (for example swinging telescopic rod to the left,the right wheel speed will be faster than the left wheel).

self balancing electric scooter

Energy source of the scooter resource from a lithium battery, a single charge can guarantee 20-70km Mileage and a top speed of 20km. When driving the electric balancing scooter with grip, pointing the direction lever forward direction needed, the balancing scooter will toward the direction pointed. When the direction lever is in the middle position of the vehicle, the system will travel toward the front. When the rotation of direction lever, the system is controlled accordingly both sides of the speed difference for steering, allowing the body to tilt follow where the joystick tilt so that you will get better experience.
The electronic balancing scooter with vertical steering breakthrough design subvert the traditional control mode, which is more in line with ergonomic operating habits.

How to choose the right mobile power bank fitting your need

Now the phone are more and more popular in our daily life: we use it to call, send messages, listen to music, read e-books, play game and watch video etc, but we have to face a puzzle that how to do when the power shortage.

mobile power supply        mobile power bank usb

At this time, mobile power bank comes to run a big help, but there are really tons of mobile power bank flooding on the market,we must make sure that which one is quality on the earth, then Onu-mall would like to share some a few tips we must pay attention to:

First, security is a prerequisite for a mobile power supply

mobile power pack

The merits and the type of electronic coin for mobile power bank supply is to determine whether the mobile power supply is safe or not: poor electronic coin, secondary electronic coin are the bombings to a lot of power explosion accident. Currently lithium polymer electronic coin, high-quality imported lithium-ion (18650) electronic coin are good quality available in the market.

Second, how to pick up the mobile power bank capacity?

10000mA mobile power bank                      10000mA power pack

If your cell phone battery capacity is not infrequently and do not often go outside for a business trip or truism, it is recommended to select 5000 mA which can fully charge the common batteries on the market for send times , the smart phone is about 2 times, and the power supply itself charging time in about six hours to complete .

If you travel frequently and you have many electronic equipment to be charged, recommended to chooseabout 10,000 mA fully charging the ordinary smartphone for more than three times,moreover, the charging time of the power supply itself is not too long,you can use the mobile phone during the day and charge it at night.

For those higher than 15,000 mA or less than 3000 mA mobile power, usability would be generally greatly reduced, it is not recommended to buy.

Third, mobile power supply compatibility issues

10000mA mobile power supply                            10000mA mobile power pack

For different smart phones, tablet PCs, the charging port are different, besides different mobile power charging voltage may differ, so make sure which cell phone the mobile power bank under phones support, is there a corresponding interface.

In terms of inputs and outputs,the larger the current in the the safety range of power supply and mobile phones input(output),the faster the charging. It suggested the use the mobile power supply with dual USB output interface, the 1A output can be used to charge the phone , 2A or more output ports charge your tablet.

Fourth, which brand is better?
Suggest that you buy a too cheap mobile power supply, those like Sanyo, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Yu Bo, TOPS are brand manufacturers guaranteed.In addition, if a mobile power supply with EU RoHS, the European Union CE, the US FCC other related electronic products certification, then that phone mobile power products meet the relevant standards and is generally quality.

In short,do not be fooled by the gorgeous commodity description by the products and sales in the purchase of mobile power,if you follow and master the above four descriptions, you will be able to choose the right mobile power bank fitting your need.

How to judge a mobile power pack

Generally a mobile power bank pack can be judged in three aspects:
mobile back power mobile power pack bank power bank pack

1, the electric core: there are currently two kinds of electric core for mobile power bank pack on the market, one is aggregated electric core which batteries is the best electric core on the market, in general, relatively thin mobile power bank adopt this power core, prices are accordingly higher than other mobile power bank with the same capacity, the other is 18650 cylindrical electric core, the mobile power bank pack with the electric core is relatively thick, it is cheaper than others, the electric core aggregated have longer lifespan and higher energy conversion rate than 18650 cylindrical electric core !


2, capacity: there are tons of virtual mobile power bank pack on the market itself without so high-capacity because manufacturers deliberately seek profit,but that’s can be identified as long as make sure that the mobile power bank with the same capacity volume and electric core are generally the same (this is just like the relationship between the bucket and water)

mobile battery power

3, other configurations:mobile power bank is equipped with data lines, those with better configuration does relatively not only have a few different models of data cable but have charger to charge the mobile power bank pack!

How to choose mobile power pack bank

The increasingly popular smart phone greatly dominate our spare time, however,mobile phone battery technology development lags behind, the standby time is too short,so it is critical to equip with a suitable handy mobile power pack bank for our mobile phone.

5000mAh Mobile Phone Portable Solar Power

Methods / procedures
How to distinguish mobile power electric core

Electric core available on the market are generally divided into two types: lithium polymer electric core  and lithium electric core 18650. Lithium polymer electric core  are generally wrapped by aluminum foil shaped flat , which can be used circularly for around 1,100 times; 18650 lithium electric core  are generally shaped like the 5th batteries, which can be used circularly for around 1100 times.
Purchase capacity. For charging smartphones, choose a Capacity 5000 mAh. It is noteworthy that we should not pursuit of high-capacity in the purchase of mobile power , because the greater the capacity, the higher the requirements for technology and products work of manufacturers, the power bank with poor quality can easily lead to some unexpected problems resulting a security risk. Given the current level of technology, the mobile power bank with 5000 mA capacity or less is generally more secure,those more than the 5000 mA inexpensive may cut corners.

Power-Bank-with-Tracker Power-bank-with-LED-light GPS-with-Power-Bank Power-Bank-Pack

How to select the optimum voltage.

1, input voltage 5V 1A: ipad, iphone, ipod, Galaxy tab, cell phone, MP3, MP4, PSP, digital cameras, GPS navigation systems and other products fast charging;

2, the input voltage 8-12V: tablet computers, cameras, SLR cameras;

3, the input voltage 12-24V: notebook and computers.


Choose smart, safe, good after-sale. Intelligence is related to those able to automatically identify a variety of products being charged, choose optimum charging scheme; safety is linked with the smart chip protection board installed in a mobile power supply with anti short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, over-temperature and other security measures. Finally, I wish you can buy the most affordable but the most durable mobile power bank.