How to properly choose and use the keyboard

By | November 2, 2015

Computer is very popular in our daily life, but many people are unfamiliar with the computer keyboard, just follow onu-mall to teach you how to properly choose the keyboard.


Methods / procedures
1. Connection
The keyboard are mainly connected by wire and wireless cable. General business office, the majority of gamers use the wired keyboard,there are two kinds of wired keyboard accessing to the computer: USB and PS / 2,and some people at home prefer to wireless keyboard particularly bluetooth keyboard. Most of wireless keyboard need to install a battery, the best choice is keyboard with saving automatic power-off function.

2. Functional Classification
The keyboard can be divided into desktop keyboard, laptop keyboard, industrial keyboard, Sulu keyboard, dual-control keyboard, ultra-thin keyboard according to the application.

3. Designs
The shape designed by different manufacturers is various despite the keyboard is quite common. What made into the keyboard directly determines how long the lifespan is. Good keyboard need to consider the shape of a keypad, how it is cut, smoothness and so on. So waterproof, ultra-thin keyboard is favorable on the market, which is characterized by the rapid response, and small general space, stylish and beautiful appearance.

4. Outline Structure
In general, the keyboard can be divided into full keyboard all-in-one, tenkeyless, and 60 percent keyboard, and Japanese keyboard, French keyboard,gamer keyboard. Each has its own specific purposes, how to choose is based on what language you speak and where you use and what your personal habits is etc. Definitely, those with different cultures, different purposes choose different keyboard.

5. The sense of touch
1, we can instantiate several keyboard operations. Type with your fingers and listen to the voice, feel the sense of touch a keyboard pressed.

2, pressure grams, this value generally refers to how many the grams related to the pressure needed to press the button is , which are usually 35g ~ 60g.

6. The material
Cap on the keyboard repeatedly contacting with the finger is more critical. The main relatively good material oare ABS, POM, PBT, among which the ABS is cheapest. Three materials has its advantages in terms of performance feel.
1, ABS: most common keycap material, defenseless in oil dropped on keyboard! The full name of ABS is acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene plastic, is one of the five synthetic resin.

2, PBT: expensive keyboard material, effectively resistance in oil !PBT is poly butylene terephthalate.
3, POM: super anti-wear material colored keyboard, maximize resistance in oil! POM is Polyoxymethylene ( POM is a side-chain, high-density, high-crystalline linear polymer).

7. Personalized Keyboard
That’s awesome and customizable keyboard according to your preference. For example, backlit keyboard, transparent keyboard, ultra-thin soft keyboard,modeling keyboard, and even some metal keyboard is definitely your choice.

8. volume size
Some keyboards are smaller,which are suitable for notebook, pad, super pad, mobile phones, specially for those with small finger. Majority of the larger items are desktop computers. Some of unique keyboard is designed for special purposes.

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