How to properly clean the keyboard

By | November 2, 2015

You’d better not clean the keyboard unless you unplug the the power cord:

wireless keyboard

1. Tap the keyboard. Turn off the computer, remove the keyboard from the host. Put a newspaper on the table, flip the keyboard down, tapping and shaking the keyboard about 10 cm above the desktop.

2. Blow off the debris. Use a hair dryer on the keyboard keys blow the slit to blow off the debris attached on the keyboard, and then flip the keyboard again and shake.

3. Scrub the surface. Use a soft cloth dipped in diluted detergent (note not too wet soft cloth), wipe the surface of the keys. Then use a vacuum cleaner and then suck the keyboard.

4. Wash thoroughly. If you want to give the keyboard a thorough clean-up, you have to remove the key cap. Keycap part of the regular keyboard is detachable, Enter keys and other large cap is more difficult to restore, so as not to split. It is best to use the camera to shoot down the keyboard layout or draw a sketch. After removing the key cap, you can soak in detergent or disinfecting solution, and carefully scrub the keyboard base with flannel or disinfectant wipes.

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