What should be noted when using the keyboard

By | November 2, 2015

The keyboard is a interactive external device frequently used, its proper use and maintenance plays a key role in the normal operation of the computer to avoid keyboard failure , in general, ,you should note the following instructions on the use and maintenance of the keyboard:


1.Keep the keyboard clean. Excessive dust is unfavorable for circuit, and sometimes even lead to misuse. Debris falling into the key slot would make key choked, or cause short circuits and other faults. Keyboard maintenance is regular cleaning surface, it can be generally wiped with a soft damp cloth after shutdown the computer, for stubborn stains, use a mild detergent or a small amount of detergent, finally, scrub with a damp cloth once again. For cleaning the gap,use a cotton swab to clean those inside the can, do not use the medical disinfection alcohol to clean the keyboard in case of adverse effects on plastic parts. Make sure a damp cloth to use is not too wet so that water would not drip into the interior of the keyboard, the the unclean between the capacitance is always leading to a failure to capacitance keyboard, you need to open the internal keyboard to clean the internal dusts for some unresponsive key.

2.Do not spill the liquid on the keyboard. Since most keyboards do not have protective case, if there is liquid flowing into it, the keyboard would be damaged, resulting in poor contact, corrosion and short circuits and other faults. If unexpected large amount of liquid slip into the keyboard, it should be shut down as soon as possible, unplug the keyboard interface. After cleaning the surface of the keyboard, open the keyboard and use a clean absorbent cloth to dry the water the interior of keyboard, and finally dry in the ventilation and air, do not rush turn on the computer unless the keyboard without the water in case of short circuit and damage to the host .

3. Do not forced keyboarding in case of the key mechanical parts damaged. When replacing the keyboard, the computer must be cut off, and some keyboard is composed by plastic barbs, to be extra vigilant when removing.

4.Most of ATX motherboard provides keyboard with power structure function. To properly use this feature, you must use + 5V SB those with ATX power supply, otherwise it would easily lead to a failure.

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