How to choose a ideal mouse

By | November 4, 2015

Onu-mall described how to choose a good keyboard in the previous three articles, definitely, we’d better choose a ideal mouse matching with a satisfied keyboard, but how to,then let’s take a look at the tips.


Step / methods
For those regularly surfing on the Internet, or reading electronic books and writing,choose the mouse with wheel function would be preferable. For other accustomed to CAD design and three-dimensional image processing, it is best to choose a professional or a multi-button optical mouse or with scroll wheel and definable macros, this advanced mouse can bring high efficiency operation. If your workbench are filled with many things, you can switch to a wireless optical mouse which is increasingly cheaper. For the average home user, the brand, the resolution can meet the daily operational needs; the price of such a mouse is generally about 30 to 100 yuan.

2.Interface types
There are currently two kinds of mouse interface type: PS / 2 and USB.
PS / 2 mouse interface type has two advantages:
The first is to avoid mouse accounted serial port (usually used printers, scanners use a serial interface); the second is to avoid interrupt request (IRQ) and interrupt address caused by the mouse and sound cards, network cards and other devices resulting in the mouse to not work properly.

USB interface, for laptop users and if you’ve been using the scanner and keyboard and a camera, choose a wireless or a Bluetooth mouse, what’s more, it is pretty convenient to carry a wireless mouse, more advantageously, now laptops are basically comes with bluetooth.

3. DPI
DPI, full name: Dots Per Inch, refers to how many dots per inch the mouse decoding device can recognize, the high DPI means the cursor positioning calibrated and moving faster on the imaging screen. DPI is a measure of the accuracy of the standard mouse movement. Mechanical mouse DPI is generally 100,200,300; optical mouse is more than 400DPI, even 800DPI, the higher the resolution, the better its accuracy, so World of Warcraft players often choose high-resolution mouse.

If you regularly use a computer, how you feel when using the mouse is crucial importance. If your mouse has a design flaw, then your finger would be stiff and your wrist would be fatigued particularly using the mouse for a long time.

A good mouse should be ergonomically designed, you must feel comfortable, thoughtful, relaxed and flexible buttons. the trial is the best way to measure how a mouse is: make hand feeling relaxed, fit with the palm side, relaxed and flexible key, move smoothly. Microsoft’s ergonomic mouse has always been a world leader position, you can refer to Microsoft mouse.

5.The service can not be ignored
One last detail is the mouse after service many users most easily overlook when buying a mouse, good vendor should provide more than one year warranty and the various issues raised by the user can be seriously replied, as well can solve the technical problems raised by the user, and ensure that users can easily returned. For instance, some mouse manufacturers guarantee more than 3 million times keystrokes and moving distance of 300 km or more, providing quality assurance one to three years, exchange at any time free; and warranty period of general mouse manufacturers is three months only.


Sum up
There are many good mouse and keyboard set on the market, Logitech, Microsoft, BTC, represented by peripheral giant’s products have been popular in the DIY market, but the high-quality products with high price also limit their popularity. Those emphasis on user’s personal experience and fully meeting the needs of practical use and reducing the health hazards to the user while maintaining the elegant appearance are always popular.

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