How to properly choose a right mouse

By | November 4, 2015

Along with the continuous development of personal computers, the mouse as a accessories for PC plays a key role in use of PC. However, most of ordinary consumers do not know how to properly choose a right mouse.As a matter of fact, a good mouse not only make you enjoying a good surfing time, but allow you to comfortably operate, improving work efficiency. Now follow onu-mall to continue to study how to pick up a right mouse.

A good mouse is known as elegant appearance, making you fell comfortable , precise positioning, and auxiliary powerful and low prices, of course, if there are special requirements, it accordingly have special features.

1. Mouse features
If you are a general user, so other mouses is not better than the standard two-button, three-button mouse. But if you belong to those who have “special requirements” (such as CAD design, three-dimensional image processing, super gamer, etc.), then you’d better choose the second trackball or a professional mouse,but those with four key and a wheel defining a plurality of macro commands and several grades dpi is best. This advanced mouse can bring “extraordinary” efficiency. If you are using a laptop, or need to use a projector to make a speech, then you should use trackball with remote control , this wireless mouse can beat any other wired mouse.

It should be noted that the standard three-button mouse are flooding. For those false three-button mouse, the middle button is generally only equivalent to two key while pressing the left and right, some simply is a “blank” key. Each key of the true 3-button mouse has (or can be defined) the corresponding function, the price is various between the two.

2. Mouse Brand
Prices vary greatly. Some would be reimbursed after being used for two or three months, some last a few years. Therefore, it is important to measure the quality. First is to observe the appearance, matt is generally better than all-optical. Second is to check the mouse nameplate,switch to the manufacturers which have passed international certification (such as ISO9000) clearly marked on the package of mouse. Such mouse manufacturers often provide a warranty to three years, and some mouse manufacturers warranty is only three months. The third is the serial number, if it is fake and shoddy products, the serial number dose often not come with the mouse, or all of the serial numbers are the same (apparently false). Finally, if possible, it is best to take a look at the internal mouse (and sometimes it is not easy to do), often can be seen more clearly. Quality mouse with multilayer circuit board are mostly automatically welded by welder; while the poor mouse with a single board is welded manually,which is pretty easy to distinguish. Quality mouse wheel is made of high quality special resin material, while the poor mouse wheel is mostly mad of recycled rubber.

3. Mouse feel
Feel good will not only increase productivity, but make an impact on human health, which should not be underestimated. It is reported that substandard mouse, keyboard and other equipment may cause some syndrome of the upper extremity. Therefore, if you want to use the mouse for a long time, then you should pay attention to the how you feel. Good mouse should be designed to meet the ergonomic, feeling relaxed at hand, comfortable and tie together with the palm of your hand, press relaxed and flexible, smooth sliding screen indicators precise positioning.Those particularly some computer fans shall mind the feeling instead of tending to prefer to unique wired mouse.

4. Mouse shape
Those with elegant appearance and perfectly matching with your PC is awesome.

5. Software
Although the operating system now comes with a mouse driver, making it plug and play. However, software vendors is able to play a complete mouse functionality, especially those with special features. In addition, the driver vendor allows users to redefine the keys to meet different needs. BenQ and Logitech’s products with its own driver are used to enhance the function of the mouse.

6. Mouse price
Mouse are always priced at ranging thousands to tens of dollars, that is because the brand, functionality, quality are various, we recommend that the average user with dozens of mouse like, do not chase too expensive.

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