What are the self balancing scooter composed by

By | November 9, 2015

(1) Controller
The controller is the core technology of two-wheeled self balance scooter, which depends how the self balance scooter. The controller includes a vehicle status and balance control arithmetic operation. How to judge the operational state is based on integration of each sensor data to obtain the value of the vehicle body inclination angle, tilt angular velocity value, and driving speed. How the balance control operation motor control drive module to send control commands is based on the vehicle status data to calculate the speed of traffic needed to maintain balance and the acceleration or the changes in value of he motor speed or cornering need. Arithmetic module is equivalent to the brain of two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter, the work which is mainly responsible for are: controlling the motor stops, issue accelerate, deceleration, reversing and brake to the control module and other speed control signal, receive motor Hall signal to carry on the vehicle speed calculation, and sends vehicle speed data via RS-232 serial port to the PC for the storage and analysis. In addition, it is responsible for receiving data for balancing, self-balancing operation.


(2) gyro
Gyro rotating do not only move around the axis, but tapered move around a vertical axis, that is, the gyro is “rotation” around itself and “revolution” around the vertical side,the value of the “rotation” of Gyroscope around its axis determines the size of the gyro swing angle. The slower it turns,the greater the swing angle,the worse the stability; vice versa,that is similar to people cycling.

(3) motor
brush and brushless motors

(4) Battery
lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries.

(5) Body and other accessories
The main role of the body are: 1 as a transport case for installing batteries, gyroscopes, control circuit boards and other components; 2 as the axis connecting the left and right wheels; 3 for the pedals used to carry.

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