how to properly choose a right combs

By | November 12, 2015

We use the comb everyday, but majority of us do not know how to properly choose a right combs according to your hair,there are pretty many kinds of comb on the market,which are currently plastic comb, nylon comb and are easy to produce static electricity, damage hair, making the hair dry and easily broken. In addition, static electricity produced by these combs will stimulate the skin of the head, unfavorable to the health of scalp and hair roots.

How do you correctly choose hair comb? Just follow onu-mall to give you what its unique use of various types of comb.

1, the general plastic plate comb: This is the most common family comb, generally used for combing hair and roots. Suitable for combing the hair before blow-dry or removing dust on the hair before shampoo.

2, sparse plate comb: comb body with a pad, shaped comb inserted a plastic comb roots. Pad on the comb body is specially used for the scalp, scalp to promote blood circulation, help prevent hair loss.

3, roller comb: easy to transform the straight hair into the wavy hair, also for combing hair volume and coarse hair.

4, iron roller comb: for the quickest and easiest to comb the curly hair. Comb roots and comb body are ferrous materials, good thermal conductivity contribute to the hair combed into curls.

5, dolphin comb hair roller: roller comb made by dolphin is pretty useful for blowing hairstyle.


6,straightening comb: onu-mall recently launched the latest fashionable straighteners comb with double sided active frizz-control ionic generator which releases ions to smooth the hair cuticle;ball tipped bristles and flexible cushion base for optimal comfort;meanwhile,the straightening specially designed with seamless bristles to protect your hair well;furthermore,the ionic technology makes your hair more shines, more smoothness;all of the features above attribute to the repair of frizzy hair and make your hair significantly more manageable;

Now, you have learned that which combs we usually use, and then be able to choose the right one make you more unique.

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