Which Chinese gift is suitable for your friends

By | November 16, 2015

Are you Chinese and do you wonder which gift is suitable for foreign friends, or what you want to get from China,today onu-mall would like to share some awesome items you can give to foreign friends or you can get from.
A self balancing two wheel scooter
Nothing is better than the self balancing two wheel scooter which is enjoying a increasingly popularity this year,majority of which are manufactured from China.You can get one from China particularly in Shenzhen city,Guangdong province,choose a self balancing two wheel scooter with the customizable style and size for your foreign friends who are fond of sporting

A pen


A very special meaning for the pen in China actually is that your life would get better as you write much more!

A porcelain


The dragon is a miraculous animal who are good at changing and crossing on clouds and generating rain, which has become the symbol of the China and the Chinese nation, as well as a symbol of Chinese culture. Chinese people love and respect the red dragon, whatever particularly a porcelain is not only a craft but it entrusted with the noble and gorgeous .

Tea or coffee kit


What a warm party when having a cup of tea or a cup of coffee in the cold winter! Not to mention accompanied by bone china cup graffiti suit or Picasso West Point mugs dish Group!

Board games

China Board games

You would be never be bored at board games when gatherings with your family!

Exquisite candlesticks

Exquisite candlesticks

Candles will be added to the highlight of the festive atmosphere in China.Those with roses beautifully crafted or Russian candlesticks will be loved by the owner!

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