How to identify a regular sales-oriented website

By | November 20, 2015

Today onu-mall would like to share some useful tips on how to identity a regular sales-oriented web
1.Make sure there are online live chat customer service and the sales representative’s mailbox is professional email related to company instead of yahoo, gmail,hotmail etc ;

online shop and store

2. Make sure the shipping price is calculated by customer sales representative based on local express delivery companies;

3. The payment must be guaranteed,for the wholesaling, it is reasonable to pay a 30% -50% deposit in advance, do not pay the balance due unless what for you want to wholesaling order are intact ;

4. Figure out payment method ,like paypal , T / T, Western union and other options;

5. Is price reasonable? 90% of unbelievably cheap + no guarantee of payment is fraudulent;

6.Check website information via, the company and web must be legally registered, get registration code which can be checked, make sure the certified coding can be queried,there are difference in assessment of the products on the web which are not only praised;

7.If fieldwork website’s company’s factory, that would be better,ensure the orderly operation of the various parts of the plant, particularly confirm the QC inspection facilities and personnel are sound and professional, put an end to workshop enterprise, so that the product quality are passed the customs inspection.

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