How to shop on black Friday

By | November 24, 2015
Here oun-mall are glad to share some tips on how to get the bargains and others you are eager to shop as much as possible on black Friday, I wish you grab whatever cheap pocketed.
(1) Plan ahead, make sure where the most convenient path to the mall or store is and when the promotional merchandise put on shelves
Look around the shop on Wednesday (majority of shops would be closed on Thursday)to make sure where the desired product are. Each store usually have different opening hours on black Friday , you   shall plan which one is prior to others in advance.
If shopping online, list what you want to buy in basket in advance, make a list of when the deals with considerably discounted so that you can check out immediately.
(2) Comparison of commodity prices
Unfortunately,those dishonest are accustomed to deliberately mystifying the original price which varies widely those marked with discounted price, or some discounted would be even dearer than others with none of coupons, so do remember comparison and investigation in advance.
(3) price match
Remember to take the ads, not only for your reference, but have a “Best Price Guarantee” clause, so for the same goods, you can show other business ad requirements price match. All businesses have different terms.
(4) Make full use Rebate to obtain greater concessions
There are many promotional free after rebate, and even make money. But it had better not forget to send rebate form, and keep a backup, just in case the letter would be lost.
(5) Division of labor with a partner
You must be bored at a long checkout team after rushing into the store and getting what you want,  so just division of labor with a partner who are responsible for the pay.
(6) Select the remote
For the same store, take the Walmart for example, there would be several in a city, switch to one away from downtown, fewer would scramble what you want to buy.
(7) take advantage of Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday means the first day (Monday) back to work after Thanksgiving holiday, you tend to be interested in buying something online shopping padded, most of online retail used to actively introduced more free shipping offers and discounts, so what are you waiting, enjoy a shopping spree quietly dodging the boss .
After reading these tips, I believe you would be crazy on the Black Friday of this year.

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