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how to properly choose a right combs

We use the comb everyday, but majority of us do not know how to properly choose a right combs according to your hair,there are pretty many kinds of comb on the market,which are currently plastic comb, nylon comb and are easy to produce static electricity, damage hair, making the hair dry and easily broken. In addition, static electricity produced by these combs will stimulate the skin of the head, unfavorable to the health of scalp and hair roots.

How do you correctly choose hair comb? Just follow onu-mall to give you what its unique use of various types of comb.

1, the general plastic plate comb: This is the most common family comb, generally used for combing hair and roots. Suitable for combing the hair before blow-dry or removing dust on the hair before shampoo.

2, sparse plate comb: comb body with a pad, shaped comb inserted a plastic comb roots. Pad on the comb body is specially used for the scalp, scalp to promote blood circulation, help prevent hair loss.

3, roller comb: easy to transform the straight hair into the wavy hair, also for combing hair volume and coarse hair.

4, iron roller comb: for the quickest and easiest to comb the curly hair. Comb roots and comb body are ferrous materials, good thermal conductivity contribute to the hair combed into curls.

5, dolphin comb hair roller: roller comb made by dolphin is pretty useful for blowing hairstyle.


6,straightening comb: onu-mall recently launched the latest fashionable straighteners comb with double sided active frizz-control ionic generator which releases ions to smooth the hair cuticle;ball tipped bristles and flexible cushion base for optimal comfort;meanwhile,the straightening specially designed with seamless bristles to protect your hair well;furthermore,the ionic technology makes your hair more shines, more smoothness;all of the features above attribute to the repair of frizzy hair and make your hair significantly more manageable;

Now, you have learned that which combs we usually use, and then be able to choose the right one make you more unique.

What shall you need to mind when using the balance scooter

What a shame!It is reported that explosion accidents occurred frequently,admittedly, which is closely linked with how we use despite it definitely related to knock off made in China,ONU-MALL would like to sincerely share what you shall mind when using the self balance scooter to assure the safely drive and use for consumers,after all,safe is most important.

First,how to use the balance of the self balancing scooter is inseparable from the role of the use of the wheel, so the routine maintenance shall point to wheel inspection and maintenance. Especially for the component parts of the tire, you should perceive its firmness by your a hand from time to time , just shaking the tire along the axial direction, the component parts would be loosened if tire accessories shake. To ensure the safety of use, we shall continue to check the tightness of the screws of the tire component parts, just by fully tighten the screws to ensure the firmness of the assembly,you can freely drive the self balance scooter.Meanwhile, you need to minimize the wear of the tires for easier travel and use.

single wheel self balancing scooter

Secondly, the self balance scooter should promptly be sent to a repair shop for maintenance if the tire leak, you must make sure there is the adequacy of gas for long-term use, do not use it unless it really meet the travel conditions. If large area of the tire are damaged, you should promptly contact sales department as soon as possible for the replacement of tire. Ensure that the power is disconnected when cleaning the vehicle, do not clean directly with water, switch to wipe with a wet towel so that the water will not slip inside the machine. It must not be washed with water when the power turned on, otherwise,it will bring damage to the self balancing scooter, even will threaten life safety.


Second, the balance scooter must be placed in dry and ventilated place for long idle, do not put in damp and unventilated area, otherwise,it would lead to the moisture to control board and the battery and some unexpected trouble.

Third, it is recommended to maintain the self balancing scooter at after-sales service center when using it for half of year, detecting whether certain parts of the sport equipment has been aged, damaged. The proposed replacement of new parts to maintain balance and stability of the safety.

Fourth, the charger for the electric balance scooter generally have individual needs, in the absence of certainty, please do not arbitrarily replace the charger. The replacement of other chargers will not only shorten the battery life,but result in the safety accident. Do not put the battery anywhere at an ambient temperature of 60 degrees or more, do not charge it in kitchen and near fireplace and anywhere else near fire and gas and explosive places, then we must recharge the battery during every 2-3 months to keep the saturation of the battery if do not use it for more than half of year. Please fully charge the brand new self balance scooter. Because the battery will slowly discharge because of transport for a long time. Please keep charging environment clean and dry. When charging port wet, do not charge. Please predetermined charging and storage the balance scooter, otherwise it will damage the battery affect the battery life of self balancing scooter.

In summary, keep mind all of the details above so as to ensure balanced scooter can bring us green and fast and safe.

How to drive a self balancing scooter

1. stationary: If the gravity of your body center at the center position between left and right wheel of the self balancing scooter , do not move the body to maintain balance, the wheel is still without any control.


2: forward: If the gravity center move forward, the self balance scooter scooter will be tilted forward, how to control the speed of wheel forward is based on wheel rotation and the tilt angle

3. backward: If backward your gravity, the self balancing scooter will tilt backwards, how to control the speed of the self balancing scooter backward is same as how to control the speed of it forward.

What are the self balancing scooter composed by

(1) Controller
The controller is the core technology of two-wheeled self balance scooter, which depends how the self balance scooter. The controller includes a vehicle status and balance control arithmetic operation. How to judge the operational state is based on integration of each sensor data to obtain the value of the vehicle body inclination angle, tilt angular velocity value, and driving speed. How the balance control operation motor control drive module to send control commands is based on the vehicle status data to calculate the speed of traffic needed to maintain balance and the acceleration or the changes in value of he motor speed or cornering need. Arithmetic module is equivalent to the brain of two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter, the work which is mainly responsible for are: controlling the motor stops, issue accelerate, deceleration, reversing and brake to the control module and other speed control signal, receive motor Hall signal to carry on the vehicle speed calculation, and sends vehicle speed data via RS-232 serial port to the PC for the storage and analysis. In addition, it is responsible for receiving data for balancing, self-balancing operation.


(2) gyro
Gyro rotating do not only move around the axis, but tapered move around a vertical axis, that is, the gyro is “rotation” around itself and “revolution” around the vertical side,the value of the “rotation” of Gyroscope around its axis determines the size of the gyro swing angle. The slower it turns,the greater the swing angle,the worse the stability; vice versa,that is similar to people cycling.

(3) motor
brush and brushless motors

(4) Battery
lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries.

(5) Body and other accessories
The main role of the body are: 1 as a transport case for installing batteries, gyroscopes, control circuit boards and other components; 2 as the axis connecting the left and right wheels; 3 for the pedals used to carry.

How to properly choose a electric unicycle self balancing scooter with single wheel

Majority of us do not know how to properly choose a electric unicycle self balancing scooter which is a brand new intelligent transport, I represent onu-mall as a online store keeping in unveiling the latest consumer electrics would like to share my experiences for your reference.


Simply speaking, it can be attributed to a few words: look, touch, ask, ride.

First, look means closer check the electric unicycle self balancing scooter. First of all,check how the packing is, make sure that the foam and pearl board in the packing box has not scamp work and stint material, which can well protect the electric unicycle balancing scooter and spare parts; then assess how is what made of the electric unicycle balancing scooter, whether the housing is smooth or not; how large the aviation pedal material is; whether it has a good brand tires and 14-inch, 16 inch, 18 inch marked on package is consistent; whether the gap between the power switch is too large; make sure the battery indicator work well; above all,check that the packing accessories and instruction manual and warranty card and carried accessories, as well the charger, the auxiliary wheels, auxiliary belt, etc are complete, all of which must be correspondence with the brand model. The more careful you observation of detail,the more problem you can check.

Second touch, check the single wheel self balancing scooter without riding. lift the scooter to check whether it is consistent with the proper weight; make sure that it is not easy to open the pedal aviation, and check how the magnets absorption is and how the tires are; pull the scooter back and forth and tilt by hand to see around how the power protection work.

Third ask, it is to ask all the details. What we shall be most concerned about is the car’s quality and after-sales service. Where is the car’s hardware configuration, such as controllers, gyros, batteries, motors and other produced and how much.For a quality single wheel self balancing scooter, there is no virtual standard parameters; the software is independent property right; housing is own patent; there are unique characters different from other brands, like how large the waterproof degree, which road is can not be applicable etc; it is OEM from its own foundry workshop or others. We shall focus on the after sale including how long the warranty period is, how to repair when problems arise,how to do if the agent can not handle who pay for the freight.

Fourth riding, if you are a newbie and do not know how to ride, it does not matter, you can find the placement of the auxiliary wheel, of course,we are mainly aimed at testing whether the manual calibration parameters are the same with what marked on the specification. We can straight, turn on the downhill, acceleration and deceleration of the car handling test; accelerate it to alarm rate, to check whether it is calibrated speed alarm, if there is a beep and Alice pedal protection tips, this is slightly different for each brand; fully charge the single wheel self balancing scooter for long-distance endurance riding and checking if km can achieve the required number; check the braking performance, take a look how far it would be braked when it is fast-moving, that is a safe distance, they must clear.!

As long as you do master these points, I think, even if you are a newbie, you can buy a not bad electric unicycle balancing scooter.meanwhile,you need to learn from manufacturer’s official website, forums and other places, as well ask some experienced riding friends, except for most of those who sell their own electric unicycle balancing scooter.

Cool! Keyboard and mouse can be “worn” on the hand to achieve Taking input

We are typing and clicking everyday by using the keyboard and mouse, we seem to have been inseparable from the keyboards and mouse, we have been accustomed to them since they are born,but have you wondered that what to do without the keyboard and mouse, maybe we need to try some special new tools.

The phone keypad and touch screen operation allow us to enjoy the considerable convenient, but do you want to switch to the “three-dimensional input mode” from the “two-dimensional touch world? Please together with Onu-mall take a look a wearable input device named Gest.

gest wearable input device
Gest is a wearable device that allows you to use both hands to control your computer or mobile device, which will be developed into a virtual reality control device in near future.


control the mouse by extending a finger moving around with gest

Gest allows you to use both hands to work in a more intuitive manner. Simply slide your finger, it is possible to switch between applications; you can control the mouse by extending a finger moving around; you are able to adjust the slider in Photoshop by twisting palm ; you can even grab your 3D model and rotate to view.

Gest is a new way of operating computers and other devices. It can quantify your hand and finger position, it is known as a high enough accuracy, so you can use it to control in an intuitive manner.

Gest learn how to adapt and perform common gestures

Gest wearing size fits everyone, but it is capacity of “capturing” your because nobody has the same control gestures, but Gest will learn how to adapt and perform common gestures, pointing, slid, playing, grab, rotate, and so on.

It is also very flexible, you can write custom gestures to the device, just doing a simple action,you can get what you want to do. For example, the revocation action may be sliding your finger to the left. You can also monitor your own custom gestures to ensure precision and accuracy.

Given the precision and speed, Gest uses bluetooth low energy (BLE) to connect all devices, its finger tracking technology delay 40-60 milliseconds, the hardware with 15 sensors contribute to its better precision to identify more accurate gestures.

Gest can help you Photoshop without keyboard and mouse

Based on its precision and accurate identification basis, we can use it to do more, such as Photoshop, simply flick of the finger, you can easily add layers, adjust the value revocation action or change your brush size, make the creation easier.

Gest can help you AutoCAD without keyboard and mouse

Those working with Maya, 3DS or AutoCAD three-dimensional modeling tool can easily rotate and check 3D models.
Definitely,the most anticipated feature of Gest is typing. Sometimes we also have to helpless in phone keypad input efficiency, portable keyboards are rarely able to meet the efficient, comfortable and accurate. So Gest team hopes to solve this problem.

That’s why it has the typing function, although now typing system is only an experimental feature, you must want to be “the first one” to help testing and improving the system,don’t you. If you already have a “comfortably” skills and want to try taking typing, be sure to choose to buy two Gest controller to unlock the input function to typing everywhere as long as you want by raising your hand.

type without keyboard with gest

Gest team has built a API, so you can use the hand position and movement data. They developed an efficient mobile processing algorithms to make complex gesture recognition functions can be done at a very low latency. If you do not want to directly use the data calculated by the motion, they can also provide the raw sensor data, providing Java and Python API.

operate PC without keyboard and mouse with gest

With the help of these features later,developers can integrate via its SDK with VR or AR device in the future , it would be even better as an auxiliary VR equipment accessories.

How to properly choose a right mouse

Along with the continuous development of personal computers, the mouse as a accessories for PC plays a key role in use of PC. However, most of ordinary consumers do not know how to properly choose a right mouse.As a matter of fact, a good mouse not only make you enjoying a good surfing time, but allow you to comfortably operate, improving work efficiency. Now follow onu-mall to continue to study how to pick up a right mouse.

A good mouse is known as elegant appearance, making you fell comfortable , precise positioning, and auxiliary powerful and low prices, of course, if there are special requirements, it accordingly have special features.

1. Mouse features
If you are a general user, so other mouses is not better than the standard two-button, three-button mouse. But if you belong to those who have “special requirements” (such as CAD design, three-dimensional image processing, super gamer, etc.), then you’d better choose the second trackball or a professional mouse,but those with four key and a wheel defining a plurality of macro commands and several grades dpi is best. This advanced mouse can bring “extraordinary” efficiency. If you are using a laptop, or need to use a projector to make a speech, then you should use trackball with remote control , this wireless mouse can beat any other wired mouse.

It should be noted that the standard three-button mouse are flooding. For those false three-button mouse, the middle button is generally only equivalent to two key while pressing the left and right, some simply is a “blank” key. Each key of the true 3-button mouse has (or can be defined) the corresponding function, the price is various between the two.

2. Mouse Brand
Prices vary greatly. Some would be reimbursed after being used for two or three months, some last a few years. Therefore, it is important to measure the quality. First is to observe the appearance, matt is generally better than all-optical. Second is to check the mouse nameplate,switch to the manufacturers which have passed international certification (such as ISO9000) clearly marked on the package of mouse. Such mouse manufacturers often provide a warranty to three years, and some mouse manufacturers warranty is only three months. The third is the serial number, if it is fake and shoddy products, the serial number dose often not come with the mouse, or all of the serial numbers are the same (apparently false). Finally, if possible, it is best to take a look at the internal mouse (and sometimes it is not easy to do), often can be seen more clearly. Quality mouse with multilayer circuit board are mostly automatically welded by welder; while the poor mouse with a single board is welded manually,which is pretty easy to distinguish. Quality mouse wheel is made of high quality special resin material, while the poor mouse wheel is mostly mad of recycled rubber.

3. Mouse feel
Feel good will not only increase productivity, but make an impact on human health, which should not be underestimated. It is reported that substandard mouse, keyboard and other equipment may cause some syndrome of the upper extremity. Therefore, if you want to use the mouse for a long time, then you should pay attention to the how you feel. Good mouse should be designed to meet the ergonomic, feeling relaxed at hand, comfortable and tie together with the palm of your hand, press relaxed and flexible, smooth sliding screen indicators precise positioning.Those particularly some computer fans shall mind the feeling instead of tending to prefer to unique wired mouse.

4. Mouse shape
Those with elegant appearance and perfectly matching with your PC is awesome.

5. Software
Although the operating system now comes with a mouse driver, making it plug and play. However, software vendors is able to play a complete mouse functionality, especially those with special features. In addition, the driver vendor allows users to redefine the keys to meet different needs. BenQ and Logitech’s products with its own driver are used to enhance the function of the mouse.

6. Mouse price
Mouse are always priced at ranging thousands to tens of dollars, that is because the brand, functionality, quality are various, we recommend that the average user with dozens of mouse like, do not chase too expensive.

How to choose a ideal mouse

Onu-mall described how to choose a good keyboard in the previous three articles, definitely, we’d better choose a ideal mouse matching with a satisfied keyboard, but how to,then let’s take a look at the tips.


Step / methods
For those regularly surfing on the Internet, or reading electronic books and writing,choose the mouse with wheel function would be preferable. For other accustomed to CAD design and three-dimensional image processing, it is best to choose a professional or a multi-button optical mouse or with scroll wheel and definable macros, this advanced mouse can bring high efficiency operation. If your workbench are filled with many things, you can switch to a wireless optical mouse which is increasingly cheaper. For the average home user, the brand, the resolution can meet the daily operational needs; the price of such a mouse is generally about 30 to 100 yuan.

2.Interface types
There are currently two kinds of mouse interface type: PS / 2 and USB.
PS / 2 mouse interface type has two advantages:
The first is to avoid mouse accounted serial port (usually used printers, scanners use a serial interface); the second is to avoid interrupt request (IRQ) and interrupt address caused by the mouse and sound cards, network cards and other devices resulting in the mouse to not work properly.

USB interface, for laptop users and if you’ve been using the scanner and keyboard and a camera, choose a wireless or a Bluetooth mouse, what’s more, it is pretty convenient to carry a wireless mouse, more advantageously, now laptops are basically comes with bluetooth.

3. DPI
DPI, full name: Dots Per Inch, refers to how many dots per inch the mouse decoding device can recognize, the high DPI means the cursor positioning calibrated and moving faster on the imaging screen. DPI is a measure of the accuracy of the standard mouse movement. Mechanical mouse DPI is generally 100,200,300; optical mouse is more than 400DPI, even 800DPI, the higher the resolution, the better its accuracy, so World of Warcraft players often choose high-resolution mouse.

If you regularly use a computer, how you feel when using the mouse is crucial importance. If your mouse has a design flaw, then your finger would be stiff and your wrist would be fatigued particularly using the mouse for a long time.

A good mouse should be ergonomically designed, you must feel comfortable, thoughtful, relaxed and flexible buttons. the trial is the best way to measure how a mouse is: make hand feeling relaxed, fit with the palm side, relaxed and flexible key, move smoothly. Microsoft’s ergonomic mouse has always been a world leader position, you can refer to Microsoft mouse.

5.The service can not be ignored
One last detail is the mouse after service many users most easily overlook when buying a mouse, good vendor should provide more than one year warranty and the various issues raised by the user can be seriously replied, as well can solve the technical problems raised by the user, and ensure that users can easily returned. For instance, some mouse manufacturers guarantee more than 3 million times keystrokes and moving distance of 300 km or more, providing quality assurance one to three years, exchange at any time free; and warranty period of general mouse manufacturers is three months only.


Sum up
There are many good mouse and keyboard set on the market, Logitech, Microsoft, BTC, represented by peripheral giant’s products have been popular in the DIY market, but the high-quality products with high price also limit their popularity. Those emphasis on user’s personal experience and fully meeting the needs of practical use and reducing the health hazards to the user while maintaining the elegant appearance are always popular.

What should be noted when using the keyboard

The keyboard is a interactive external device frequently used, its proper use and maintenance plays a key role in the normal operation of the computer to avoid keyboard failure , in general, ,you should note the following instructions on the use and maintenance of the keyboard:


1.Keep the keyboard clean. Excessive dust is unfavorable for circuit, and sometimes even lead to misuse. Debris falling into the key slot would make key choked, or cause short circuits and other faults. Keyboard maintenance is regular cleaning surface, it can be generally wiped with a soft damp cloth after shutdown the computer, for stubborn stains, use a mild detergent or a small amount of detergent, finally, scrub with a damp cloth once again. For cleaning the gap,use a cotton swab to clean those inside the can, do not use the medical disinfection alcohol to clean the keyboard in case of adverse effects on plastic parts. Make sure a damp cloth to use is not too wet so that water would not drip into the interior of the keyboard, the the unclean between the capacitance is always leading to a failure to capacitance keyboard, you need to open the internal keyboard to clean the internal dusts for some unresponsive key.

2.Do not spill the liquid on the keyboard. Since most keyboards do not have protective case, if there is liquid flowing into it, the keyboard would be damaged, resulting in poor contact, corrosion and short circuits and other faults. If unexpected large amount of liquid slip into the keyboard, it should be shut down as soon as possible, unplug the keyboard interface. After cleaning the surface of the keyboard, open the keyboard and use a clean absorbent cloth to dry the water the interior of keyboard, and finally dry in the ventilation and air, do not rush turn on the computer unless the keyboard without the water in case of short circuit and damage to the host .

3. Do not forced keyboarding in case of the key mechanical parts damaged. When replacing the keyboard, the computer must be cut off, and some keyboard is composed by plastic barbs, to be extra vigilant when removing.

4.Most of ATX motherboard provides keyboard with power structure function. To properly use this feature, you must use + 5V SB those with ATX power supply, otherwise it would easily lead to a failure.

How to properly clean the keyboard

You’d better not clean the keyboard unless you unplug the the power cord:

wireless keyboard

1. Tap the keyboard. Turn off the computer, remove the keyboard from the host. Put a newspaper on the table, flip the keyboard down, tapping and shaking the keyboard about 10 cm above the desktop.

2. Blow off the debris. Use a hair dryer on the keyboard keys blow the slit to blow off the debris attached on the keyboard, and then flip the keyboard again and shake.

3. Scrub the surface. Use a soft cloth dipped in diluted detergent (note not too wet soft cloth), wipe the surface of the keys. Then use a vacuum cleaner and then suck the keyboard.

4. Wash thoroughly. If you want to give the keyboard a thorough clean-up, you have to remove the key cap. Keycap part of the regular keyboard is detachable, Enter keys and other large cap is more difficult to restore, so as not to split. It is best to use the camera to shoot down the keyboard layout or draw a sketch. After removing the key cap, you can soak in detergent or disinfecting solution, and carefully scrub the keyboard base with flannel or disinfectant wipes.