What are the unique features of type-C USB interface

By | December 2, 2015

1. Slim
Thinner body needs thinner port, that is why USB-type C was turned out. USB-C port length is 0.83 cm and wide is 0.26 cm. Vintage USB port with 1.4 cm long, 0.65 cm wide has been obsolete. Meanwhile,the end of the USB-C data lines will be one-third of a standard USB-A type cable plug size.

2. No pros and cons
Just like Lightning interfaces, the front and the back of USB-type C port are the same,which means you can connect the device no matter how you plug. You do not have to worry about positive and negative issues caused by the traditional USB.
3. Fast
Theoretically, the maximum transfer rate of USB-type C port is 10Gb per second. But Apple said the maximum transfer rate of new MacBook’s USB-C port is 5Gbps. The maximum output voltage is 20 volts,which can speed up the charging time.While the max transmission rate of USB-A type is 5Gbps, the output voltage is 5 volts.

4. rounder
The new MacBook’s USB-type C ports can transfer data, it can also be charged and as a video output port link to an external display device. The only question is how to meet the requirements simultaneously.
5. Bidirectional
Unlike the older USB port with only one-way power transmission, USB-type C  port with bidirectional power transmission have two way transmission power. Therefore, the user can not only charge the mobile device with a laptop, but can use other devices or mobile power to charge notebook.

6. backward compatibility
USB-C can be compatible with older USB standard, but users need to purchase additional adapters to complete compatibility. Apple said the third-party companies can also authorized production in addition to the official Apple adapter, . [3]
The type-C USB interface standard is authorized to manufactured by Apple, Intel, Google, Microsoft, sophisticated telecommunications legislation and other international companies.

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