What is type C interface

By | December 2, 2015

You have to figure out what the three types of USB interfaces are before making sure what the type-C interface is

There are three kinds of USB Interfaces,which are respectively are standard Type-A USB interfaces, Type-B USB Interface and Type-C USB Interface

the difference between type A and type B and type C

Standard-B, Mini-B, Micro-B, Micro-B USB 3.0, and Standard-B USB 3.0

Popular USB Type-B: From left Standard-B, Mini-B, Micro-B, Micro-B USB 3.0, and Standard-B USB 3.0

Type-A interface is what we usually use and the most standard USB interface just as the name suggests,which indicates that it is a standard USB interface, while other USB interfaces are its derivatives.


As for Type-B USB interface, you surely are not unfamiliar to it despite it is not quite frequently asked, printers, monitors and many other USB HUB external USB devices use a Type-B USB interface. In general, Type-A is applicable for PC host USB interfaces, and Type-B is compatible with the external device.


Given the Type-C interface,it is smaller than both Type-A and Type-B, and its size is even comparable with the Mini-USB and Micro-USB , which is the latest USB interface. Known as pretty slim design, faster transfer speeds (up to 10Gbps) and a more powerful power transmission (up to 100W),Type-C double-sided pluggable interfaces,you would never worried about how to quickly plug the USB any more, just casually plug it regardless of positive and negative random. Additionally, the supporting USB cable must be finer and lighter,Type-C can be used in both a PC host and an external device (slave), which is a high tech peripheral connection,that’s such a great invention and why we choose it.

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