Where is USB Type C mainly used

By | December 3, 2015

USB Type C has been widespread in 2015, many manufacturers have introduced USB type c interface products. According to the green linking analysis, USB Type C and Type A conversion data lines are currently available on the market for the large number of Android devices products.Then where is it mainly used?
USB-TypeC-charging-cable-application  USB-Type-C-connecting-charger-and-MacBookUSB-Type-C-charging-cable

1.USB Type C instead of USB2.0 data cable charging cable
USB type C interface connected for mobile phones and USB charger, and the host computer USB interface for data transfer.
2.USB type c instead of USB2.0 A data cable
Applicable for New MacBook, hard disk, U disk, keyboard, mouse, etc.
3.USB type c instead of mini USB data charging cable
Suitable for connecting usb 2.0 T-type port equipment for data transfer and charging, for example, a Canon camera connected New MacBook synchronize data transmission.
4.USB type c turn USB2.0 B data line
Equipped for Apple New MacBook, connected with device with USB2.0 B side port, such as printer, cameras.

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