How to choose a really preferable tablet case

By | December 14, 2015

Tablet tend to be pretty easy to wear and scar in everyday life if being not protected with case when scratching. So, it is necessary to put a case on the tablet,but there are tons of tablet case flooding on the market,how to choose a really preferable tablet case? Just follow onu-mall.

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We shall make sure how many kinds of tablet cases are available on the market before figuring out how to choose on.Just like phone case,tablet case can be divided into leather case, silicone case, hard plastic case, soft plastic case. These cases are not only as decorations to make your phone unique but featured waterproof and shockproof!What are the features of the table cases and how to choose favorable one.


1. Silicone tablet case:
Strengths: good protection, anti-drop, easy to take holdand difficult to wear, cheap.
Weaknesses: less style, easy to stick oil, is not suitable for use in the summer, easily deformed.
2. Plastic tablet case:
Disadvantages: apt to turn yellow, even sticking on your hands.
3. Leather tablet case:
Advantages: feel good, high quality, good protection.
Disadvantages: expensive, relatively simple color, not dirt
Definitely,what made of the quality tablet protective cover is superior to what those inferior. Those quality is made of high-quality polyurethane material with flexibility when discounting with your hand, it is not easily deformed; then backup PU case features anti-drop,anti-compression.On the other hand, those cottage generally use toxic chemicals with no flexibility and easily deformed and unpleasant odors is great harm to the human body, and even cause disease.
Quality iPad cases are significantly different from those inferior in processing. Quality with fine workmanship and none of burrs feel smooth. IThe endothermic and loose perspiration resistance is able to keep the screen clean. For cottage with rough work, there would be flaws in the corners scratching our fingers.

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