What is PC hard case

By | January 11, 2016

PC: Polycarbonate, it is a colorless and transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. Unlike silicone protective case and TPU protective, PC case is hard, PC plastic toughness is pretty good, light transmission is pretty impressed,take the iPhone 6s for example, there are PC pure transparent PC iPhone 6S hard case, transparent black PC iPhone 6S hard case and transparent blue PC iPhone 6S hard case and others available.


Pros: good transmittance, hardness, resistance to fall, light

Disadvantages:dissatisfied scratch resistance

PC hard iPhone 6S case has three processes
1.vacuum plating process: electroplate, then carve some of the patterns on the PC housing, UV varnish.
2.PC spraying: spray rubber oil, or the transparent red, transparent blue, transparent yellow, etc.Those spraying a layer of primer on the transparent PC case and laser engraving pattern and spraying a rubber paint are slightly better.

PC thermal transfer process: transfer patterns on the PC housing , and then spray UV varnish or soft touch rubber oil.Those spraying rubber oil are better. The disadvantage is that the surface does not resistant scratch.

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