How to pick up a safe and reliable car charger

By | January 25, 2016

1,the car charger must be equipped with 12V input fuse installed

Bluetooth Car Charger with Stereo MP3 Player

2,the car charger with 5V output overvoltage protection would not lead to the unexpected cell phone shorted

3, the current output capacity of the car charger reaches truly 2A

4, if the level voltage is lower than 11.2V voltage, 5V output is cut off, please do not access to the external power supply

Car-Charger (4)

5,12V input is able to withstand high-voltage 80V  transient (car tend to activate an instant 80V  high-pressure for the automotive ignition)

6, just do not be tempted by brand new car charger, you shall mind the internal circuitry and components,those with following features must be not disappointed.


with the fuse,those without the fuse will result in short circuit
with the output current of 2A in case of very slow charging
with low-voltage, overheating and overcurrent,otherwise, it would be easily  damage to the car battery
with 5V voltage output protection preventing the phone or electronic device from being damaged
with flying leads on  the internal PCB of  car charger no problem are unreliable

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