What shall you mind when using the car charger

By | January 25, 2016

First we have to figure out what the difference between the car charger and common charger is , the fundamental difference between them is basically the plug – car charger  plug is specifically linked with cigarette lighter in the car (usually in the cab and luggage box)


The other end of the car charger is specifically designed with the USB port  the cell phone or other digital devices can be connected to.Which data lines connected to the car charger  depends on which digital device you use.
The car charger does not work unless the LED indicator lights is lighting up.
Note that, do not charge the phone until the car engine is started! Otherwise, when the car is ignited, the reduction in voltage  of car battery will affect the charging effect, or even damage the car charger.
Furthermore,do not place the charger to moisture or high temperature environments, the use of a suitable temperature is 0-45 ℃;


There will be some heat during use,be sure not exceed 60 ℃ in normal room temperature;
Since various types of rechargeable product are different, the charging time is inconsistent, it has nothing to do with the charging performance of car charger;
Keep away from children;
Avoid lightning;
Promptly pull the plug when the car charger is fully charged, careful not to dirty the USB interface, remove the installed car charger and put it away when not in use.
So, for safety reasons, be sure to buy the regular brand, buy genuine, inferior products prone to security risks. Also in the use of time, please do follow the instructions to correct method of packaging in the corresponding.

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