What exactly making impact on our phone charging rate

By | January 29, 2016

Almost everyone charges the cell phone every day,we certainly hope that charging rate is sooner, unfortunately, the charging speed is sometimes getting slower and slower, what exactly making impact on our phone charging rate?

USB-Power-Adapter USB-Power-Adapter-Application

NO.1 the charging temperature
The temperature is the main factor easily overlooked. At low temperatures, low temperature protection mechanism will lead to that the lithium battery material does not chemically react, and therefore the mobile phone can not be charged or charging speed slows down. Please try to charge the mobile phone At 15~25℃.
NO.2 unpaired USB charging adapter and USB charging cable
Please do use original USB charging adapter and USB charging cable with official configuration pairing phone or tablet accordingly,if you use the iPhone USB adapter to charge iPad, you’ll find the charging speed is pretty slow.Take the iPhone 6 for example,please use the iPhone 6 USB charging cable and USB charging adapter to charge it.
The current USB charging cables support varies. If charging slow, it is likely that you do not pick the right charging cable, please mark them to distinguish different charging line.
NO.3 annoying dust
if you are not accustomed to clearing up the USB cable port and cell phone charging port,the longer the lifespan of the smartphone,the more the dust accumulated,that’s why the charging rate of cell phone is getting slower and slower, timely wipe the dirt on the usb charging cable with alcohol, use a needle or toothpick to clean the phone charging port carefully, or the charging port is equipped with dust plugs.
NO.4 charging tip
l the charging rate is basically fastest when the mobile phone is powered off, if you do not want to shut down, the flight model is the best choice to accelerate the charging speed.
2 avoid access the mobile phone to host USB port to charge.
3 avoid charging the phone unless the phone battery charging low battery alarms.

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