Which car phone moblie holder is popular

By | February 18, 2016

Mobile phones have become an indispensable product in our daily lives, we typically put the phone in the pocket or handbags. But sometimes we have to take it out when driving or using navigation or fearing missing important calls etc. To make it easier and simpler to operate, car phone holder came into being, most of us have used the car phone holder, then which one on the market is easy to use and popular on the market?Here we go!
■ the phone car holder fixed with a sucker

the phone car holder fixed with a sucker

As shown in above figure,it is similar to a hair clip, Onu Mall suggest the left one which can change the length in order to respond to different needs. 105mm maximum opening clip can be basically support all of the mobile phone with 7-inch screen or less.
Advantages: installation location diversity,support for large screen mobile phone
Disadvantages: we need use both hands to grip and remove the phone
Sucker easily fall when mist or water droplets on the windshield and block the line of sight

■ manual car phone mobile holder with outlet

manual car mounting phone holder

Classic manual cell phone holder supports a variety of air-conditioning outlet style excluding those circular or rotatable outlets, you shall make sure the product material, ABS new material is generally the most durable, while picking up those fixed with the outlet and glass sucker products.
Pros: Just use single hand to fix the phone or remove the phone from the car phone stand,it can support 7-inch screen navigation,bottom bracket rotatably supports multiple charging port
Cons: it is not convenient to use when driving
Clip is too flat

■ upgraded semi-outlet car phone mounting bracket

car phone mounting bracket

The phone holder would automatically hold the phone, how to work as following: when both sides of the bracket claws open, the front bracket button would pop up, both sides of the claws automatically rebound when you put the phone in the car holder and the backup of the phone press he button of car holder, thereby fixing the phone.
Pros: it is more convenient than purely manual car phone holder,the “paw” front-end clipping the phone with a protrusion can effectively prevent the phone from falling
Cons: it can only support maximum 5-inch screen mobile phone, bottom bracket can not rotate,it does not apply to the phone whose charging port is not at center of the bottom of the phone

car mobile phone holder fixed with double-sided adhesive

car phone holder

The advantages and disadvantages are highlighted. It can be firmly firmly installed and optionally placed on the car, it is compact and does not take up space. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to remove it once fixed, 3M double-sided adhesive is know for pretty strong viscosity. the phone with radians is invalid.

In addition to the above recommendations, please be careful to buy the following products for safety of life and property,.
■car mobile holder similar to the bracket mounted on the steering wheel

car bracket mounted on the steering wheel

It is actually a patch attached to the center of steering wheel. the backup with no pattern directly attached to the steering wheel, the other side with pattern paste phone. Since the airbags are located in the middle of the steering wheel, it would endanger the safety once the airbag pops up.
■ car phone holder with a skid pad

car phone holder with a skid pad

It is essentially a non-slip pad just with a groove standing the phone rather than a car phone holder. Because the product so versatile and cheap good sales. It has been criticized as those with significant security risk ,the mobile phones can easily be thrown off when we brake or shift .

In short: None of car phone holder is perfect,those hot selling or expensive may be not necessarily suitable for you. In any case, safety is the most important before the selection of our favorite car phone holder.

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