How to pick up a high-quality Bluetooth speaker

By | February 25, 2016

Bluetooth speaker at lightning speed has swept the entire audio market. There are a variety of differentiated products flooding, refining market is imperative. For different applications, there have been roughly three types of Bluetooth speakers: Bluetooth portable speakers, outdoor Bluetooth speaker, home Bluetooth speaker.

Portable  Wifi Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Then how to pick up a high-quality Bluetooth speaker among such a huge speaker system? Just roughly actually pick from the following aspects, you can find a Bluetooth speaker preferred.

First, the sound quality
Two-channel audio speaker unit are far better than the mono speaker in terms of physical structure or cavities.
No matter what the speaker is,of which we need to personally hear the sound just considering some data, if the maximum decibel is less than 80,definitely,it feats as a home speaker. The greater the value of the SNR, the stronger anti-interference ability, the better fidelity.Please pick up those with SNR not less than 70dB.

Wooden Speaker

Second, the functional
Not the more, the better. Some additional features may even become tasteless, some additional features may be tasteless,take some of speakers changing the songs by being shaking for example, it would tend to unexpectedly change the songs. Some are preferable, such as hands-free features radiation protection and facilitating answer the call..
Of course, how the Bluetooth speaker function is closely linked with the Bluetooth version, the current common market Bluetooth version are 2.0,2.1,3.0,4.0. the transmission rate of Bluetooth version 2.0, 2.1 is up to 2Mbps or more. the transmission rate of the latest version3.0, 4.0 jump to more than 24Mbps, the transmission distance is up to 60 meters.The higher the Bluetooth version,the faster the reception rate, the farther the transmission distance,the fewer the power consumption of speaker, the better the speaker sound fidelity.Obviously, the higher version of Bluetooth speakers is better.
Some outdoor Bluetooth speaker features with three anti (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof), which is a very nice.


Third, lifespan
No matter what the Electronics, the longer the lifespan,the better.The endurance capacity of bluetooth speaker is properly at least 8 hours or more.What should be noted is the battery capacity, battery capacity = time×power÷ battery voltage, so the greater the capacity, the longer the battery life. Take the two-channel speaker for example, their power is concentrated between 4 ~ 8W. The battery capacity shall be 1500mAh or more to achieve the desired playing time.


Fourth, portability
For portable outdoor bluetooth speaker. How to choose the size of portable speaker speaker is based on where it would be placed, we need to be able to facilitate all carry in any case. At this point, those rounded are better than those shaped.LED-Bluetooth-speaker-light

Fifth, material
A good Bluetooth speaker is known as necessarily sophisticated materials and sophisticated technology. As far as the Bluetooth speakers crudely made flooding on the market are concerned, many of lead paint are exceeded, these materials would unwittingly affect human health. So you must check the quality inspection certificate when buying . The the the details at the speaker reflects product process, those with neat the key and exquisite analog line and good feeling tend to be not bad.

bluetooth speaker

Sixth, appearance
Difficult to reach, but it is definitely based on your preferences, I prefer to the mini size.

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