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How to pick a quality mobile power bank

Nowadays, mobile power or power bank pack is indispensable for us, which makes the majority of retailers or  consumers wholesalers purchasing mobile power in big quality, you would inevitably be plagued  by how to pick a quality mobile power bank, then ONU MALL would like to share some tips for you,here we go!


You shall keep in mind

1, the power bank does not come with the virtual standard capacity

2, the batteries is not the use of used waste batteries

3, whether motherboards is aging tested

4, the sale warranty is sound

mobile power bank pack

Mobile power application: business man, tourists and travel agencies, the financial industry, banking institutions, government departments, gifts, adventurers, photographers, music lovers, students and so on.

A mobile power is indeed a portable charger coming with power supply and charging functions, which can charge mobile phones and other digital devices anytime or standby power supply.The power storage unit is generally composed by lithium batteries or dry batteries,which is different from the battery case. It is usually equipped with a variety of power adapter, which  is known as large capacity, multi-purpose, small size, long lifespan and safety and reliability, charging a variety of mobile phones, MP3 / 4/5, mobile phone, PDA, Pocket PC, handheld game consoles and other digital products standby power supply or charging function products anytime and anywhere.

How to use power bank

(1) power detection:

  1. Press tart button, the green LED indicator shows the current charge batteries.
  2. Press start button, the flashing LED indicates low battery .
  3. Press start button, if the LED indicator light does not light up,which means that the battery needs to be charged or it is a defective product.

(2)how to charge mobile phones, digital electronic products:

  1. Usually mobile power has one or two USB output interface, it can simultaneously power two digital devices, a maximum of two output interface output current is 1.5A.
  2. Connect the phone cable into the phone’s charging port, then access USB end into any USB port to phone mobile power marked as OUT .
  3. Press the Start button, charge the mobile phone.

What is OEM and ODM and OBM

ODM, namely Original design manufacture,which means that a vendor entrusted with design capability and technological level design and manufacture products based on another vendor’s specifications and requirements and authorization contract.

OBM, namely Original Brand Manufacturer,which refers to those specifically accept other enterprises’ OEM production requirements instead of creating their own brand.

OEM production, namely Original Equipment Manufacturer, also commonly known as Original Entrusted Manufacture,which means that the brand producers do not directly produce products, but by using their key technology grasped is responsible for the design and development of new products and control the sales channels, specific processing tasks would be done by the manufacturers entrusted by contracts,then buy the low-priced products and directly paste their own brand names on the product. This cooperation commissioned production refer to OEM ,the manufacturer undertaking the processing tasks is called OEM manufacturers, their products are called OEM products.

What the main differences between OEM and ODM is that the former get product design made by the commission- whether the overall design or by whomever – and the trustee shall not provide third party with the design of the product; the latter is the producers who design and manufacture , and the finished product is bought by others. Whether the producers can produce the product depends on whether the third-party buyout this design. OEM products are tailor-made for the brand vendor(not the manufacturer), requiring that the manufacturer could past the vendor brand name for the manufacturer’s business, but the producers shall not crown their names on the further production. ODM is based on whether the brand companies is able to buyout copyright of the product. If not, the manufacturer is entitled to their own production, as long as there is no recognition to the company’s corporate design. To put it plainly, the key difference between the OEM and ODM is who is eligible intellectual property of the product to be manufactured, and if the commissioning party own the intellectual property rights to the product, that is OEM; and if producers or manufacturer carry out overall design, that is ODM.

What is Virtual Reality glasses device

Virtual reality glasses device, referred to VR glasses, is a brand new human-computer interaction mean by means of a computer and the latest sensor technology, simply means that electronic devices step into the virtual world.


So what is VR device? First of all, we need to understand virtual reality device ≠ headset display device . In general, VR device can be divided into three categories: external headset device, Integrated headsets device, glasses box. External headset device do a good job in the separate screen and complex product structure. Integrated headset device products include Samsung Gear VR and other 3D VR Box glass headset. Simple, inexpensive glasses box is Google DIY Cardboard


Then, let’s figure out what the principles of this type of VR glasses is, our eyes can see things independently,that’s why human beings is able to see three-dimensional scene. Because left eye spaces from right eye, resulting in some subtle differences in the perspective of two eyes, and this difference makes a bit displacement of the individual scene two eyes get. The difference between the images left and right eye get is called parallax image, human brain skilfully fuse what get from both eyes, resulting in a sense of space stereoscopic effect in the brain.


You just require a mobile phone and upload 3D video and movies and games in the phone, you can enjoy the pretty good 3D pictures presenting at 360 degree  viewing angle on the phone screen via the device, relatively low cost, easily accessible to the average user


3D VR Box headsets is based on equipment gyroscope to detect the user’s head wobble data,the virtual reality devices demonstrate the data in front of the user by calculating the graphical. Then use the gyroscopes to detect the user’s head wobble data, and match the pre-prepared scenario to to achieve integration with the virtual scene. You could enjoy the 3D pictures from the phone screen via a magnifying lens.

How to pick up a competitive hair straightener and quality hair straightener factory

Hair straightener is pouring recently; there are sorts of hair straightener including flat iron and hair straightener brush flooding at retailer store , Amazon ,Ebay ect ;but how to choose a competitive hair straightener and quality hair straightener factory  is very confusing;take it easy!ONU MALL would like to tell you what we know;here we go!


First of all,you need to make sure where the hair straightener brush iron originates from,take China where most of straightener are made for example,majority of quality straightener made in Shenzhen China is superior to most of those originated from Zhejiang province China despite those made in Zhenjiang is generally 1.5-2 USD cheaper than those made in Shenzhen factory;the PCBA of knock offs made in Zhejiang is generally 1cm narrower than those with sound quality in Shenzhen;The PCBA is the most important part in hair straightener iron; It dominates how long a hair straightener heat up and how the stability is.


Then.Some brush is cheap, some iron brushes is higher in price, you are always getting what you pay, just buy the one certified by CE,ROHS ; some brand is known as quality while the price is disappointed;definitely,just switch to those slightly cheaper double checked by QC team in the factory ,do not be tempted by those with attractive packaging without CE ROHS certification and QC testing.


Furthermore,you must heat it 2-3 minute before use;make sure straighten a pinch of hair and carding slowly in practical applications;


Above all,for a wholesaler ordering big quantity, try to ask the factory marking your customizable LOGO on brush making your product unique; given how to choose a quality supplier,the most important factor is to ensure your supplier have doing leakage of electricity test;which is a fatal factor and related to whether the brush could safely used; moreover, you need to check out whether your supplier have past by CE,ROHS ;Thirdly, make sure your supplier factory have QC team; the hair straightener from ONU MALL factory has strictly been tested for 30 minutes/PC by our QC team ;which will undoubtedly assure that the straightener brush could be heated timely and LCD work in good condition;So if you make a order ,what must be emphasized is that all of the brush shall be tested before delivery.You must ensure that all of the straightener brush through the appropriate safety tests even if sometimes the delivery would be missed because of the test.

What are virtual reality 3D box headset glasses

Virtual Reality, referred to as the VR,also known as virtual reality technology or artificial environment,is a high-tech in recent years. Virtual reality is the use of computer simulations to generate a three-dimensional virtual world, providing the user with simulations about visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory, making users feeling immersive and truly ground-breaking experience.

There are currently two kinds of mobile phones available to 3D virtual reality box headset glasses, the first one is to project what presenting on the phone screen onto the eye by using the wireless or wired, this type of virtual reality glass is preferable, which is easy to operate, but it is priced a bit higher. The second is to watch the phone via the convex lens after putting the mobile phone into a virtual reality glasses box, this one is pretty cheap, it is a good partner with the high resolution mobile phone. Here to share with you several brand virtual reality glasses, you can refer to detailed product description!

1, Oculus RiftDk 2 3D virtual reality box headset

Oculus RiftDK 2 VR box headset

“Oculus Rift Dk2” second-generation virtual reality headset display. It access virtual reality to game, making players starting building immersive experiences of their own..

2, ANTVR Headset 3D virtual reality box glasses

ANTVR VR Box 3D headset

ANTVR is the China Mainland company is focused on wearable equipment related to virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic reality.It is the world’s first helmet with fully compatible virtual reality , known as 100°wide viewing angle and accurate head tracking, left and right eye stereoscopic vision.

3, Sony HMZ-T3W 3D headset virtual reality box glasses

Sony HMZ-T3W VR box 3D headset glass

Sony’s third-generation of headset display device comes with the self-luminous oled panel, featuring almost perfect picture quality, which is much better than LCD in term of both the screen response speed and color,what even more incredible is that the resolution of display screen with tiny 0.7 inches is several times more than the current mainstream resolution, PPI reach 2098, Samsung 1080P is only 441PPI, RETINA is only 326PPI, the picture finesse is unique in the current market.

4, THREE GLASSES headset virtual reality box 3D glasses

three glasses VR box 3D headset

THREE GLASSES is virtual reality headset invented by Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology. By using 1080P full HD picture quality and 9-axis sensor built-in can freely track head operation, visual range up to 125.

5, IVS W100 3D headset virtual reality box glasses

IVS w100 VR Box Headset

w100 is a portable intelligent voice 3D video glasses, coming with Android 4.3 system and 854 * 480 LCD screen, built-in 8GB memory.

6, iTheate G4 headset 3D virtual reality box glasses
itheate G4 VR Headset Box Glass

The industry’s first Android smart glasses + WIFI + android APP application+built-in browser= Andrews intelligent 3D video glasses! Glasses comes with 1G memory, 8G flash memory, which also supports 32G flash memory expansion, battery life is about 7 hours! Make your journey no longer lonely!

7, Storm Glass virtual reality 3D box glasses headset

Storm Glass VR Box 3D Glass headset

Storm glass is a mobile virtual reality glasses, when you need to use with exclusive STORM Glass applications on the phone to achieve IMAX effect, Common movie theater viewing results can be achieved.
Note: Only supports Android phone!

8, ANTVR Headset VR 3D box glasses

ANTVR TAW Box 3D headset

TAW is a virtual reality wearable phone stereoscopic 3D VR headset glasses.
Support phone screen size: 4.5 to 6 inches

9, Kotaku Glass VR 3D box glasses headset

Kotaku Glass 3D Glass VR BOX Headset

Kotaku glass is a 3D virtual reality glasses specifically for mobile phone . Support 4.7 to 5.5 inch phone.

10, Google Cardboard virtual reality 3D box glasses headset
Google Cardboard 3D VR box headset

It is a VR experience starting with a simple viewer anyone can build or buy. Once you have it, you can explore a variety of apps that unfold all around you. And with plenty of viewer types available, you’re sure to find one that fits you just right.

11.Samsung Gear VR


It comes with a Super AMOLED display, wide field of view, precise head-tracking and low latency brings reality to the virtual.Gear VR works seamlessly with Galaxy smartphones*. All you need to do is slip in your phone and you’re free to take on the world and beyond.

12.HTC Vive

HTC Vive 3D VR glasses

The HTC Vive is the Taiwanese company’s first stab at a virtual reality headset, and it’s now ready for prime time.

The HTC Vive bundle comes with two controllers, the Lighthouse base stations, some ear buds plus copies of the games. You’ll need to provide a solid PC that will be able to run the experiences. Vive and PC bundles haven’t been announced yet, unlike Oculus which has already got several deals for you to choose from.

How to solve dizziness problem after wearing glasses 3d Box virual reality headset

Since 3D box glasses headset can be worn comfortably to allow us to freely enjoy the ultra-stereoscopic 3D gaming and video, it has swept the world, it is expected to become the latest hottest virual reality products during 2016. However, many people get dizzy when wearing such 3D box virual reality headset glasses, why?


Given the user experience, the sense of dizziness can be attributed to visual difference .
As far as the display device is concerned,what causes vertigo are generally be divided into two aspects of hardware and software, hardware part is unreasonable structure design, such as the distance between the glass and the pupil is not improperly, resulting in inconsistent images obtained by left and right eye;Large lens aberrations and distortion leads to severe picture distortion;picture updating made by incorrect image refresh frame rate does not reach the requirements on the human eye.The three-dimensional model is unreasonable, the parallax adjustment exceeds the tolerance range of the human eye, the stereoscopic image exists horizontal or vertical deviation which is not easy to form three-dimensional effects.So, what are any good solutions to these problems it?here we go!


In terms of hardware or software or a combination of both, primarily solve all these five issues:
1, improve the frame rate refresh

2, increase the resolution

3,reduce picture distortion

4, optimize head motion tracking

5, optimize content


Specifically, the hardware of these aspects which need to be improved are: GPU, sensors, displays, chip, an imaging lens, and the interpupillary distance(IPD)and the distance adjustment structure. Software, the image algorithm needs to be improved
Oculus uses aspherical to reduce image distortion, the resolution of the first generation of products is 720p, the second-generation upgrade to 1080p, they also adopted a series of actions for the decline in delays, the entire process the new image from the user inputting to completing has been compressed to control in less than 30 frames per second. At the same time, the company also use some software algorithm to correct the distortion. Currently, Oculus research focus has shifted from cuts in delays to tracking accuracy, image quality, resolution.

HTC vive reduce the delays in the image by improving the image refresh rate, refresh rate is 90 frames per second (but still not as good as Oculus) while achieving a more accurate head movement tracking through more sophisticated sensors designed .

Nvidia as a chip maker and Epic Games which is the developer on iOS action game named “Infinity Blade” series co-developed a “GameWorks VR” technology. GameWorks VR technology make the players see the game screen with a higher resolution central region through the Multi-Resolution Shading( abbreviated as MRS) “way, the area around the low-resolution form is displayed. This technique makes the game screen refresh rate greatly improved, lifting about 50%

The elimination of a sense of dizziness is not just the responsibility of virual reality vendor,the game developers also played a big role. On the one hand, the game developers cut the delays by improving the game frame rate abatement, as most of the modern game is about 60fps, with this level of conversion, when each figure transferred to GPU is 16.67 ms. If this rate can be increased by 1 time by game developers, then delay produced by this part would be halved. On the other hand, considering optimize game content, take the roller coaster for example, no matter how realistic it is, it would make you vertigo. This requires developers to make reasonable arrangements on the content.