How to pick up a competitive hair straightener and quality hair straightener factory

By | March 7, 2016

Hair straightener is pouring recently; there are sorts of hair straightener including flat iron and hair straightener brush flooding at retailer store , Amazon ,Ebay ect ;but how to choose a competitive hair straightener and quality hair straightener factory  is very confusing;take it easy!ONU MALL would like to tell you what we know;here we go!


First of all,you need to make sure where the hair straightener brush iron originates from,take China where most of straightener are made for example,majority of quality straightener made in Shenzhen China is superior to most of those originated from Zhejiang province China despite those made in Zhenjiang is generally 1.5-2 USD cheaper than those made in Shenzhen factory;the PCBA of knock offs made in Zhejiang is generally 1cm narrower than those with sound quality in Shenzhen;The PCBA is the most important part in hair straightener iron; It dominates how long a hair straightener heat up and how the stability is.


Then.Some brush is cheap, some iron brushes is higher in price, you are always getting what you pay, just buy the one certified by CE,ROHS ; some brand is known as quality while the price is disappointed;definitely,just switch to those slightly cheaper double checked by QC team in the factory ,do not be tempted by those with attractive packaging without CE ROHS certification and QC testing.


Furthermore,you must heat it 2-3 minute before use;make sure straighten a pinch of hair and carding slowly in practical applications;


Above all,for a wholesaler ordering big quantity, try to ask the factory marking your customizable LOGO on brush making your product unique; given how to choose a quality supplier,the most important factor is to ensure your supplier have doing leakage of electricity test;which is a fatal factor and related to whether the brush could safely used; moreover, you need to check out whether your supplier have past by CE,ROHS ;Thirdly, make sure your supplier factory have QC team; the hair straightener from ONU MALL factory has strictly been tested for 30 minutes/PC by our QC team ;which will undoubtedly assure that the straightener brush could be heated timely and LCD work in good condition;So if you make a order ,what must be emphasized is that all of the brush shall be tested before delivery.You must ensure that all of the straightener brush through the appropriate safety tests even if sometimes the delivery would be missed because of the test.

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