What is Virtual Reality glasses device

By | March 22, 2016

Virtual reality glasses device, referred to VR glasses, is a brand new human-computer interaction mean by means of a computer and the latest sensor technology, simply means that electronic devices step into the virtual world.


So what is VR device? First of all, we need to understand virtual reality device ≠ headset display device . In general, VR device can be divided into three categories: external headset device, Integrated headsets device, glasses box. External headset device do a good job in the separate screen and complex product structure. Integrated headset device products include Samsung Gear VR and other 3D VR Box glass headset. Simple, inexpensive glasses box is Google DIY Cardboard


Then, let’s figure out what the principles of this type of VR glasses is, our eyes can see things independently,that’s why human beings is able to see three-dimensional scene. Because left eye spaces from right eye, resulting in some subtle differences in the perspective of two eyes, and this difference makes a bit displacement of the individual scene two eyes get. The difference between the images left and right eye get is called parallax image, human brain skilfully fuse what get from both eyes, resulting in a sense of space stereoscopic effect in the brain.


You just require a mobile phone and upload 3D video and movies and games in the phone, you can enjoy the pretty good 3D pictures presenting at 360 degree  viewing angle on the phone screen via the device, relatively low cost, easily accessible to the average user


3D VR Box headsets is based on equipment gyroscope to detect the user’s head wobble data,the virtual reality devices demonstrate the data in front of the user by calculating the graphical. Then use the gyroscopes to detect the user’s head wobble data, and match the pre-prepared scenario to to achieve integration with the virtual scene. You could enjoy the 3D pictures from the phone screen via a magnifying lens.

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