How to pick a quality mobile power bank

By | March 25, 2016

Nowadays, mobile power or power bank pack is indispensable for us, which makes the majority of retailers or  consumers wholesalers purchasing mobile power in big quality, you would inevitably be plagued  by how to pick a quality mobile power bank, then ONU MALL would like to share some tips for you,here we go!


You shall keep in mind

1, the power bank does not come with the virtual standard capacity

2, the batteries is not the use of used waste batteries

3, whether motherboards is aging tested

4, the sale warranty is sound

mobile power bank pack

Mobile power application: business man, tourists and travel agencies, the financial industry, banking institutions, government departments, gifts, adventurers, photographers, music lovers, students and so on.

A mobile power is indeed a portable charger coming with power supply and charging functions, which can charge mobile phones and other digital devices anytime or standby power supply.The power storage unit is generally composed by lithium batteries or dry batteries,which is different from the battery case. It is usually equipped with a variety of power adapter, which  is known as large capacity, multi-purpose, small size, long lifespan and safety and reliability, charging a variety of mobile phones, MP3 / 4/5, mobile phone, PDA, Pocket PC, handheld game consoles and other digital products standby power supply or charging function products anytime and anywhere.

How to use power bank

(1) power detection:

  1. Press tart button, the green LED indicator shows the current charge batteries.
  2. Press start button, the flashing LED indicates low battery .
  3. Press start button, if the LED indicator light does not light up,which means that the battery needs to be charged or it is a defective product.

(2)how to charge mobile phones, digital electronic products:

  1. Usually mobile power has one or two USB output interface, it can simultaneously power two digital devices, a maximum of two output interface output current is 1.5A.
  2. Connect the phone cable into the phone’s charging port, then access USB end into any USB port to phone mobile power marked as OUT .
  3. Press the Start button, charge the mobile phone.

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