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Samsung unveiled the Samsung Internet for Gear VR

If you immerse yourself in the virtual reality, when you want to search for something, how would you do? Now, you can use a optimized web browser specially designed for the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality 3D glasses.Samsung unveiled the Samsung Internet for Gear VR virtual reality 3D glasses according to what the technology blog named TechCrunch reported.

Samsung Internet for Gear VR

Chan-Woo Park , vice president of Samsung, said: ” Samsung is committed to provide a fully immersive mobile experience for our users in the world of virtual reality. With the increasingly growth in a significantly demand in  360-degree and immersive video content, Samsung Internet services has enriched our content ecosystem of virtual reality available to consumers, setting the industry standard on the virtual reality viewing experience. ”

Samsung Internet browser bookmarks

Bookmarks of the Samsung Internet for Gear VR

Gear VR virtual reality 3D glasses  web browser beta version is now on-line at Oculus store, coming with the support for voice commands and the virtual keyboard. It also supports 360-degree 3D and streaming video and any HTML 5 video playback.

Samsung Internet browser also has a Gaze Mode, you can select a menu just by gazing at the screen, without having to click the touchpad or controller. Samsung said that users can also import and manage bookmarks.

Samsung Internet browser virtual keyboard

Samsung Internet browser virtual keyboard

For virtual reality devices into the consumer field, a web browser launched is a very important step, because most people will be the first to use a web browser to get entertainment and information before opening any Netflix app store. The question most frequently asked by Gear VR users is  whether they can browse the web.

The Voice Search provided by Google in Samsung Internet browser is very convenient. Bookmark of Samsung default Internet browser includes Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube. When you start browsing, the browser will use a label to recommend sites. Gaze mode is also very convenient, if a user look at an entry time for more than one second, it will automatically “click” link. But if you read the article containing a lot of hyperlinks, you might encounter some trouble because it may automatically open the page user does not want to check out.

In addition, Samsung virtual reality 3D glasses Internet browser window is small, it provides a “zoom” function, it is unclear whether other users can resize, but the slightly big window seems to be better.

Apple has released its own 3D VR glasses

The virtual reality industry is growing by leaps and bounds in 2016, many well-known hardware companies have unveiled their own VR work, and in addition to Oculus rift and HTC Vive and Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard, the news leaked recently that Apple would release its own 3D VR glasses, is it true? What dose it look like?

apple VR box Apple 3D glass VR box headset apple VR box 3D glass

On the Apple iPhone SE press conference at the beginning of 2016, Cook,Apple CEO, has said that he is very optimistic about the VR field, he stated that the virtual reality VR glasses is not a niche product. It’s cool, very interesting applications.

Just recently, a patent Apple VR was exposed, we noted that Apple is coming.

What we can see is that Apple’s VR device seems to be very thin, and the possibility of using a curved screen design, the figure did not disclose more details of the design, even wearing styles are not showing.

Besides the patent exposed can prove that Apple is developing 3D VR glasses, Apple sources said the company is now actively recruiting VR field personnel and acquired a number of VR companies, such as PrimeSense introducing Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, Metaio introducing AR APP for IKEA and the Ferrari etc., which are described that Apple has long been interested in the field of  3D VR glasses and everything has been conducted in secret.

Apple’s official website shelves a VR glasses box, called View-Master, priced at $ 29.95 (about 197 yuan).

It is understood that this 3D VR glasses is composed by the two lenses and peripherals plastic box. It is similar to majority of VR 3D glass, you need to input the iPhone into the box.

Apple has its own unique application according to the information provided by Apple’s official website. View-Master of the screen will show two different video streams. One of the video stream as a content display purposes, while the other will form a separate 3D image perception in the human being’s brain.

Although the VR product with the name of Apple’s banner is not made by Apple, it just like a toy designed by manufacturers Apple has worked with, since it is sold on Apple’s official website, Apple is obviously very interested in virtual reality VR.

How to pick a right 3D video glasses

In recent years, with the development of film and television production technology, 3D movie began sweeping the country, you can easily find tons of 3D video sources on the network and within the DVD sales shop, of course, besides the video must be 3D , but you must also have a pair of 3D glasses so as to really enjoy a 3D movies, but there are currently a wide range of 3D glasses and piles of brand complicated in the market, you would be wondering which 3D glasses is good in the end and what brand of 3D glasses is trustful, with that in mind ,ONU MALL online store would like to  share some practical detail in how to buy right 3D glasses.

3D video glasses

According to 3D glasses technology: what the 3D glasses current used in market are generally those without flash-type, those with time-division and those with complementary colors, of which those without flash and time-division are two techniques have not been widely used, both are not only play 3D movies rarely, but the price is relatively expensive, 3D glasses technology with the use of complementary color is more suitable for mass consumer demand compared to two technologies, which is not only developed, but is known for good 3D stereo effect, more importantly, this technique is the most popular, most of the online support 3D movie glasses;

According to the lens material: how the lens depends on how the  video viewing effects, good 3D glasses lenses generally comes with high-quality manufacturing 3D optical material, three-dimensional effect is amazing while watching the movie; the eye dose not easily tired, and inexpensive 3D glasses often come with ordinary resin lens material, three-dimensional effect with image blur is poor, there will be the feeling of dizziness;

According to the lens colors: a complementary color above mentioned are the popular 3D glasses, the principle is the image recorded in the same sub-picture on two different perspectives with two different colors, so every deputy 3D glasses lens comes with two colors, red and blue colors currently supported 3D glasses lens movie the most, followed by green, red and purple brown, red and blue color we should be the one preferred, if you want to watch more 3D Videos, those matching with other colors is ideal option;

According to he frame design: majority of those accustomed to wearing sighted glasses have to wear two glasses when watching 3D movies, generally good 3D glasses manufacturers have been taken into account the problem, therefore the 3D glasses frame design supports nested position of eyeglasses, as long as the ordinary glasses nested in 3D glasses to watch.

How to use the 3D glass in cinema

3D glasses gray legs only can be touched, you shall not touch the liquid crystal lens and the frame, when handing the glasses, please hold the mirror leg, but do not forcibly break the temple to avoid damage.


The lens can not be wiped by tissue or towel, if the lenses is not clean enough,you could inquiry the cinema staff who are ready to serve for you.

If your myopia is not serious, the degree of myopia glasses is less than 200, you could remove the myopia, or ask the staff to switch to forward position.

If you have to leave the auditorium,you would better hand the 3D glass to the staff, please do not give the glasses to peer or leave it in the cup holder of seat.

For those taking care of children, do not allow children to fiddle with the 3D glasses, please look after the children around you.

When cinemas shows stereoscopic movie, a break time must be lengthened to avoid dizziness or reduce damage to the eyes.

By the end of film, please exit in sequence, and check out how the 3D glass is and hand the 3D glasses to the staff if there is nothing wrong with the glass.

Make sure the glasses lens, mirror legs, frames are in normal state, you have to pay for any man-made damages or loss. If you have any objection in the compensation rules,just apply for a refund at the ticket office before the show begins.

How to pick a right knapsack for hiking and camping

For one-day outing, riding, mountaineering activities, just pick the backpack. Less than 30 liter. For camping for two to three days, multifunctional  backpack with 30-40  liters is preferable, such as the fashion portable solar charger backpack knapsack with 10W solar panel and standard USB data cable unveiled by ONU MALL online store and sold at, it is not only a 35L knapsack, but a solar charger eliminating the need to outlet and mobile power bank and battery pack during your trip and adventure and camping wherever you go., which is pretty convenient and practical, safe and comfortable.

knapsack for hiking and camping O-SOPA-12722-1-Business-Solar-Charger-Backpack

For more than 4 days hiking, you have to prepare a backpack filling tents, sleeping bags and mats and other outdoor equipment, definitely, you would switch to a packsack with more than 45 liters. Additionally, those specifically used for general outdoor activities is different from those used for mountain climbing, hiking backpack not used many parts, those preferring to l mountain climbing shall mind that mountaineering backpack shall not include many parts.

When hiking alone, you could choose about 25 to 35 liters backpack. When traveling with your family during the holidays, the need to select about 40 liters backpack, those with plug-in system are convenient to help the family carry umbrella, cameras, food and other items.

Prior to the selection of knapsack, just measure how long the part of your body between the projections of cervical and the last lumbar spine. If the trunk length is less than 45 cm, you shall pick a small backpack. If the torso length is between 45-52 cm, pick a medium knapsack,if your torso length is 52 cm or more, preferably choose a large one.

How to pick a suitable size based on whether you are able to check up the buttocks and legs when putting on your knapsack. If you just see a large backpack and two calf, it would be not for you.

How to pick the outdoor knapsack various due to the different size and loading capacity of men and women. Usually one or two days short outing, unisex backpack with about 30 liters is practical. For more than 2-3 days of long-distance travel or camping, switch to 45-70 liters or larger backpack, men generally choose backpack with about 55 liters, 45 liters backpack is preferred for women.

Personally, you’d better not shop a packsack to until you have a try, all of the  parts of packsack contacting with the body shall come with sufficient cushion, backpack inner frame and sutures should be strong.. With particular attention to the thickness and quality of straps, as well as check for chest strap, belts, straps and the like and adjustable belt.

How to properly pick a backpacks

Backpack is one of the most important equipment for outdoor sports, it looks like our “warehouse”, so, a satisfactory backpack is very important. However,not everyone knows how to properly pick a backpack, with that in mind, ONU MALL online store is willing to share the tips with you!

Charger Backpack Knapsack with 10W Solar Panel and Standard USB Data Cable Business-Solar-Charger-Backpack

Backpack Category

There are currently soft Japanese backpack, external frame knapsack and internal frame packsack. Japanese backpacks is almost the same as those specifically used for students, if you prefer to general city tours, one-day excursions or Outdoor activities in a single day, no need to use tents, sleeping bags, stoves and other things, just prepare a Japanese backpack.

External frame pack is a very popular outdoor backpack, this knapsack has a H-shaped metal frame, photography, stoves and other equipment can be hung outside. Outer frame knapsack can fill tons of items, which is pretty convenient to use. Taking into account the comfort ,external frame pack bag is inferior to internal frame pack, its suspension system is mainly thick straps, backpackers are difficult to grasp the balance when walking on a complicated route. So, if you go through the woods, caves, creeks, or skiing, climbing, it is best not to use the outer frame knapsack .

The internal frame package is a large backpack enjoying a great popularity, it is originally designed for climbers, skiers and hikers, but it has been used by more and more people. Inner frame bag also has a shelf, what it different from the outer frame package is that the frame is placed inside the chest of the pack so that it is close to the body. Good inner frame package can be adjusted according to the body, making backpacks more personal, it is possible to assign a reasonable weight.

How to properly pick a knapsack

A really good backpack like the clothes worn. You shall personally try instead of improvise and focus on the following aspects when picking a packsack,:

First of all,you shall make sure which knapsack you need in the end. For an outdoor sports, the living environment is harsh, the trekking road is long, you have to carry plenty of stuff, so you’d better use the inner frame packsack.

To determine how large the package is, capacity of the inner frame package is generally ranging  from 40 to 120 liters, for the average traveler, a 65 to 75-liter bag fully meet the needs, but for those long-term outdoor camping, you may need a 95 liters of the inner frame package. You shall choose a suspension system fitting yourself. A carrying system properly adjusted can put most of the weight (over 60%) is transferred to the crotch and buttocks, so as to our shoulders with load significantly alleviated. Apart from the inner frame mentioned above, the suspension system includes straps, belts and chest strap. Preferable backpack straps and belts can be replaced according to your body so that you can always adjust the weight distribution on the shoulders based on physical strength and the environment.

Note knapsack production materials and processing quality. Favorable backpack production materials feature both strong and waterproof, the super-strength materials should be used at the bottom of the bag, strap and wherever easy to wear. Backpack zipper is the key in case zipper is easily split when bag is filled with piles of stuff . Filler material between the frame and the body should be mesh-like fabric, so as to excel in absorbing sweat. The inside of the backpack preferably has a telescopic function, when few things are packed, your bag will look very small and the space occupied is limited. Thus, when you pitch a tent, just put the necessary items in a backpack not to take up space which could have been saved in the tent. In addition, the installed water bottle pocket is also useful. The best one is those featuring strapping along. As long as the production of materials and workmanship is excellent, the knapsack brand is actually not seriously concerned about.

Apple will launch iPhone-based VR headset

Gene Munster,Internet business  senior analyst of leading US investment bank Piper Jaffray, said recently that Apple’s iPhone will work with third parties to create VR helmet next two years. In his view, Apple’s VR headset is another product “Made for iPhone”. This means, VR headset is just a accessories for Apple iPhone, like the current Apple Watch, it definitely contribute to a significantly revenue to iPhone.


Apart from VR, Munster also expects Apple will launch a MR (mixed reality) product during the 2021-2025 Nian. He think MR will be the those updated from VR case. But specifically Munster did not explicitly stated what kind of product.

As what he said, AR / VR case is especially important for Apple, it is currently too early to discuss how to it would be updated like iPhone and iPad. However, for now, Apple’s iPhone VR helmet  based on iPhone would be followed the launch of the iPhone. Nevertheless, Munster believes Apple will become important player of the next generation of computing platforms.

Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen in “The Innovator’s dilemma” a book said that companies are generally reluctant to invest in new areas with limited opportunities and could jeopardize the existing products. Not to mention the apple master in innovator.

In developed countries, the smart phone market has matured, it is increasingly difficult to find innovation. As a result, Apple will be focus on VR headset or AR to meet dramatically demand in consumer for the introduction of a new bright spot for the iPhone.

What are the famous stylus

1.Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus

Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus

This compact and lightweight stylus contribute to write very smoothly, allowing iPad respond quickly to your operation. There is a small brush at the end of it when removing the cap, which can be used on some drawing APP or navigate the menu. Despite it is not necessarily useful, you could get  a very creative design.

Its rubber tip pen is actually the unique, the rubber-coated area is large enough, it can smooth to use no matter what angle to the screen when you draw on your iPad, this can greatly to provide you with help.

In addition, the head of the pen is also mixed with other materials, when you use, as if you are writing with a pen

2.Adonit Jot Touch stylus pen

Adonit Jot Touch

This is a Bluetooth stylus, it comes with anti inadvertently function, softkeys and considerable pressure sensitivity,of which the softkey include to exit the application, open the menu and other functions. This stylus is amazing, it can provide great convenience for iPad use.

However, the excellent perception in the sensitive to the pressure of beats any others because you can control the intensity of inhibition of the pen to draw lines of different thickness. As for anti inadvertently function, it is not standing out.

Like the one connected to the network is really cool, unfortunately, it is much expensive and complicated compared with ordinary stylus. If you really think that these features are useful, but also worth taking a try.

3.Adonit Jot Mini stylus pen

Adonit Jot Mini

Price: $ 19.98

Beautiful appearance, smooth. But there are two shortcomings: one can not draw a sharp corner ,the other is that written pen is very easy to wear.

4.Adonit Jot Pro stylus pen

Adonit Jot Pro

Price: $ 29.99

The pen is very long, nearly as long as a pencil. When you’re urging on the pen, the tip will shrink slightly inward, which is very comfortable to use, but in the end, the tip is always broken.

5.Wacom Bamboo Stylus Solo stylus

Wacom Bamboo Stylus Solo

Price: $ 14.99

What superior to other pen that it is made of carbon-fiber network structure, which is very soft and smoothly. The disadvantage is that it is unable to draw sharp corners.

6.Fiftythree Pencil stylus

Fiftythree Pencil

Price: $ 59.95

Pressure sensitivity is not outstanding

7.Adobe Ink and Slide stylus pen

Adobe Ink and Slide

Price: $ 124.99

It comes with a case and a very creative annex “digital scales,” but which is idle most of time.

8.Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2

Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2

Price: $ 74.89

It is known as perfect pressure sensitivity, it can be written at multi-angle, it comes with softkey and is specifically for some people fond of painting.

9.Adonit Jot 2 stylus

Adonit Jot 2

Price: $ 74.99

It is easy to use, but it’s not good enough for anti inadvertently function on iPad.

10.Ten One Design Pogo Connect 2 stylus pen

Ten One Design Pogo Connect 2

Price: $ 79.95

This pen is not very commendable, it is not recommended.

Samsung Gear VR latest ads tell you what virtual reality is

Recently, Samsung introduced two ads about new virtual reality devices Gear VR. These two ads show us clearly what kind of experience when using Gear VR in the end. Before using Gear VR, the game is flat, after using Gear VR, we feel like being in the gaming world. In the ad, Samsung used the “Temple Run” cited to test, if we really ran in the temple with the game. In another ad, Gear VR made it easier to travel, and we could take a look at one of majestic buildings of New York City without going out.

Gear VR in the Temple Run

(Gear VR in the “Temple Run”)

Gear VR watching New York

(Gear VR watching New York)

This sentence  are written at the end of Both ads “your world just got bigger, discover the Galaxy in your pocket.” which sounds longing.

Currently, Samsung Gear VR consumer version has been on sale in the United States, Britain and other parts of Europe and America, priced from around $ 99, 640 yuan contract. However, when to enter the Chinese is determined.

If you really are interested in virtual reality devices and have no way to experience it, check out the Samsung two ads.

How to identity a stylus touch pen

We shall make sure what the stylus touch pen before purchasing pen in case of be fooled by merchants. Currently capacitive stylus is divided into two kinds: active capacitive touch stylus pen, passive stylus touch pen

Touch Stylus Pen with 650mAh Power Bank Touch Stylus Pen with Power Bank Charger

Active capacitive touch stylus pen, the circuit in the stylus transmit signal to the touch screen pen matrix receiver to detect where the coordinates of the pen is, tip requires a battery-powered, of course, you can design a variety of functions. . The price is very expensive. For example, the JOT script capacitive pen is those priced a bit high. There are few manufacturers to develop such a capacitive pen On the market.

Passive capacitive touch stylus pen, it can be treated as a finger or a conductor, it does not emit the signal, but it can change the matrix in contact with the capacitive touch screen. It is because this pen does not emit a signal that it comes with great pen head (so as to have sufficient sensitivity, like many ipad pen); Why is the pen head big? How to sense where the finger is detected by the change in electric field or a charge leakage caused by the capacitive coupling .Thus the need for relatively large capacitive coupling is to stabilize the change in detection signal to avoid noise interference. As we all know, plate capacitor capacitance is directly proportional to flat area and is inversely proportional to the square distance between the two plates, the focus is where the capacitive screen sense requiring the change in electric field caused by capacitive coupling in a certain contact area. That is why capacitive screen requires a certain coupling area in order to work reliably and why the first capacitive pen are relatively thick and can not be made needle-like. Currently what popular on the market are passive capacitive pen, price ranging from 10 to 100 USD.

What made from passive capacitive touch stylus pen are rubber and conductive fabric. If the requirements of the process is of non-compliance, the stylus would be prone to broken. Many capacitive pen flooding on the market is actually not standard, so which are not used as easy as a finger. Generally speaking, rubber stylus head is bigger than the conductive fabric head . Diameter  of the rubber is usually 8MM, diameter of the conductive fabric is usually 6MM.

Then in terms of the impact sensitive factors, there are generally three factors. One, the quality of capacitive screen itself, it is very easy to understand, two, the impact of the tempered glass protector film, three, whether the capacitance touch stylus pen  is good or bad