How to clean and store cosmetic brushes

By | April 11, 2016

How to clean makeup brushes?
Wipe off the remaining cosmetics by brushing along the paper face in order to make your skin against the infringement of bacteria , clean the brush at least once a month, soak the cosmetic brush in diluted warm soapy water, then rinse clean in cold water. Gently dry the moisture with tissue paper, finishing on the dry towel to dry. Cosmetic brushes shall be dried naturally after washing , do not use a hair dryer or dry under the sun, otherwise which may wound material; you could use the hair milk to dip and wash the cosmetic brushes to make the bristles softer .
handle-makeup-brush  right makeup brushes for right application
How to store cosmetic brushes?
General brand shall be equipped with the appropriate cosmetic bag, compact cosmetic bag is suitable for travel brush with short handle or travel brush, big one is suitable for storing large professional makeup brush, it is preferably to insert makeup brushed with its head on commonly used  in cosmetic tube, long-handled brush is preferable, but it is inconvenient to carry, so you should choose a portable makeup brushes sets or a standard sets according to your needs.

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