How to pick a agreeable makeup brushes

By | April 11, 2016

There are wide variety of makeup brushes ranging from face brushes makeup to lips brushes, definitely, you do not need all of the brushes,however, you would be upset by which makeup brushes fit for you and what the makeup brush is mainly used for when picking from different brushes. How to pick a agreeable makeup brushes? Take it easy! ONU MALL online store would like to share some tips on how to properly purchase of makeup brushes


Just  buy those for where you are used to putting on makeup, If you use lipstick every day, you surely need a lip brush. If you put on the foundation, it is essential to use a foundation brush preparing for the eye makeup, you shall make sure which color for the eye shadow including natural colors, blue or green ones, or makeup smoked you prefer to, the brush corresponding to different makeup varies.

For a hair brush,it is best to choose a natural hair, because natural brush is soft and paddy, it is very comfortable to contact with the skin and easy to stick powder. The synthetic brush is slippery, but it is not easy to make the powder decorated uniform. It should be noted that how to pick the agreeable brush is based on a variety of wool softness and flexibility and the purpose of use. For example: Foundation brush is  for use with the use of liquid foundation, it is necessary to use soft and non-absorbent fibers of wool.

Personally, the ideal option for lip makeup brush, concealer makeup brush, foundation makeup brush is nylon bristles brush which excel in dipping stick powder. how to pick the right eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush ranges from horse hair brush to wool depends on where you use , blush brush and powder paint brush shall use those made of soft fur including wool, squirrel hair, mink fur.

In fact, how soft the brush is determining whether a soft brush is good or bad is not necessarily correct. In general, the soft brush is comfortable; and brush tied with tight, dense bristles is known for elastic strong good at making up with saturated colors. So,how to choose a agreeable brush shall take into account which kind of makeup you would like to apply. You shall fully consider cutting, elasticity, color performance and many other considerations.

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