Nothing can stop the pace of VR and the adult movie

By | April 15, 2016

Virtual Reality  is increasingly hot, then what it will lead to what rushing  forward? Game, live, entertainment, health care, real estate, retail, education, engineering, military Will benefit from the VR virtual , the adult film can beats any others and get the maximum.

Porn video with VR

Adult film practitioners believe that VR technology will unavoidably set off a visual revolution, making the audience particularly men crazy and can not help but buy the VR virtual device.

The followings are a partial view of the VR adult film actress.

Anna Lee

I have tried all kinds of new things for 18 years since I squeezed in the adult industry, and now I am so enchanted in VR.

Her HoloFilm Productions company began using a variety of professional video camera last year, capturing variety of provocative action of porn star at 360-degree, with VR to make the audience personally on the scene.

She said: “This is the development direction of the entertainment industry wearing the VR case, you can interactive with favorite porn stars in a room. There is nothing you cannot do but something you cannot predict.”

Brett Rossi

She participated in the performances in Anna Lee’s new VR video, also full of praise for VR.

“It makes you feel you reaching out and touching them. In this video, you can check up anything even small spots on the bottom.”

Vicki Witt

Has played in Hall of Fame of Adult Video News, there are many possibilities in VR adults experience she thinks.

“We really want to make VR adult experience.”

She also had an idea: make a real interaction one on one with other media through live video dialogue.

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